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Jeremy Ramsey

Jeremy Ramsey


B.S., Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Contact Information:

(570) 321-4103
Campus Post Office Box 152

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Areas of Expertise: General and Analytical Chemistry

With his position at Lycoming College, Jeremy Ramsey and his career have come full circle. Born and raised in western Pennsylvania, Dr. Ramsey started his career in chemistry by earning a B.S. in chemistry at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. The journey continued at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where five years later, he completed the Ph.D. program in analytical chemistry through study of electrochemical systems using spectroscopic methods.

In an effort to expand his area of expertise, Jeremy moved to Oak Ridge, Tennessee to work at the birthplace of the atomic age, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. There he acquired skills related to biological analysis and microfabrication. This experience led directly to a position with a defense contractor at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC. His work there was related to the development of methods for sensing explosives and other warfare agents. His research work has resulted in published papers co-authored with students including:

The Use of Ureates as Activators for Samarium Diiodide in the Journal of Organic Chemistry .

Upon acceptance of a position as professor of chemistry at Lycoming College, Dr. Ramsey has not only come home to Pennsylvania, but has also gone back to college. With such welcoming and supportive environment, Dr. Ramsey has found a place that he can call home for a long time.