While every effort has been made to make sure this electronic syllabus is error-free, it is not official.
The definitive source of course information remains the original (paper) syllabus distributed in class.


Date/Time  Speaker / Affiliation  Title 
Friday, Jan 19 
3:15 PM, G09 
Dr. Gretchen Potts 
College of Charleston
Laser-Induced Plasma Spectroscopy: On the Way to Practical Applications
Friday, Feb 9
3:15 PM, G09
Dr. Jason Evans 
National Institutes of Health
Investigating the Biosynthesis of NAD in Cultured Cells by LC-MS
Friday, Feb 16
3:15 PM, G09
Dr. Barry Westcott 
Central Connecticut State University
Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Vanadyl Complexes:  Models for Petroleum Impurities
Friday, Mar 9
3:15 PM, G09
Dr. Thomas Betts
Kutztown University of PA
I. Selectivity of Micro-Cantilever Sensors
II. Fluorescence Investigations of Cyclodextrin Complexes and Epoxy Curing
Friday, Mar 16
3:15 PM, Wertz 
Banquet Room*
Dr. Roger Freidinger
Merck Research Laboratories
West Point, PA
Design of Novel Nonpeptide Oxytocin Receptor Antagonists
                 Joint Biology-Chemistry Colloquium
Wednesday, Mar 21
3:15 PM, G09
Drs. Bendorf, Mahler, & McDonald
Lycoming College
The Fabulous Lyco Chemistry Research Showdown!
Friday, Mar 23
3:15 PM, G09
Dr. Ellen Burns
ACS Congressional Science Fellow
Beta-Amino Acids, Biotech, Bioterrorism and the Chemistry of Congress
Friday, Apr 6
3:15 PM, G09
Dr. Gary Felton 
Pennsylvania State University
Mixed Messages in Caterpillar Saliva
Wednesday, Apr 11
3:15 PM, G09
Dr. David Wolfe
Lycoming College
Engineering  New Materials and Structures from Lipid-Polymer Blends
Wednesday, Apr 18
3:15 PM, G09
Ms. Christy Rosselli
Lycoming College
Synthesis of  an Oxazoline: A Potential Carbon Radical Precursor

Please note colloquia are in Heim G09 (except for March 16 in the Wertz Banquet Room), all times given are for the start of the colloquium; snacks will generally be available 15 minutes before.

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