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Art Gallery 2012-13


Combat Paper Exhibition

Sept. 13-Oct. 11, 2012
Reception: Thursday, Sept. 20, 4:30-6 PM with Gallery Talk by David Keefe and Eli Wright
Veterans, Printmakers, Artists and Co-founders of Combat Paper New Jersey

Combat Paper utilizes art-making workshops to assist veterans in reconciling and sharing their personal experiences as well as broadening the traditional narrative surrounding service and the military culture. Through papermaking workshops veterans use the uniforms they wore in combat to create cathartic works of art. The uniforms are cut up, beaten into a pulp and formed into sheets of paper. Veterans use the transformative process of papermaking to transform their uniforms into art and begin to embrace their experiences in the military. Through ongoing participation in the papermaking process, combat papermakers are attempting to progress from creating works specific to their military experiences to expressing a broader vision on militarism and society. The work reflects both the anger of the past and hope for the future. Combat Paper encourages a much-needed conversation regarding our responsibilities to the returned veteran, an understanding of the dehumanizing effects of warfare, and the role of art in society.

More Info: Combat Paper

Joyce Michaud: Nuances

October 18-November 16, 2012
Reception & Gallery Talk: Thursday, October 18, 4-5:30 PM

Joyce Michaud's work, in its array of structure, technique and style, is a study in contrasts. The sensuous line of organic curves and the earthy tones of her varied surfaces speak to the evolution of form and natural imagery. Her work addresses the interplay of strength, form, extremes, fragility, gesture and graceful movement that reference the delicate balance inherent in life itself. Joyce states "Each piece, each firing has its own voice, tells its own story. Life is truly a delicate balance and we must maintain that balance in order to survive."

Joyce Michaud is an associate professor at Hood College, where she serves as founding Director of the MFA and Graduate Certificate in Ceramic Arts and Studio Arts Coordinator. Her work is represented in numerous public and private collections including the Wuxi Museum of Art in Yixing, China and the permanent collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Renwick Gallery. Her home and studio are located in Frederick County, MD where she was inducted into the Arts Hall of Fame.

More Info: Joyce Michaud's Website

Faculty Show: New Work

November 29-December 15, 2012
Reception & Gallery Talk: Thursday, Nov. 29, 4-5:30 PM

  • David Burke
  • Lynn Estomin
  • Michael Darough
  • Seth Goodman
  • Jay Innerarity
  • Jeremiah Johnson
  • Kathy Sterngold
  • Howard Tran

Dennie Eagleson: Dance of the Happy Shades

January 17-February 15, 2013
Reception & Gallery Talk: Thursday, Jan. 17, 4-5:30 PM

The images in this exhibition were made with out-dated Polaroid materials. Some of the images are the result of objects placed on the surface of 8 X 10 color film and exposed as photograms. Others were created using a hand-made wide-angle pinhole camera. Those results have little visual correlation to the intended subject (bird bath, cosmos, marigolds) and are more like spirit drawings. Polaroid stopped producing its signature films a number of years ago. Because of the finite nature of the supply of film, each exposure feels precious. Each image is a result of an improvisation and a collaboration with the materials at hand.

Dennie Eagleson is a fine-art and documentary photographer whose projects have ranged from an extended photographic interaction with Cuba, an interview and photography project with alternative families made with both conventional and plastic lens cameras, to a study of the artifacts left in a house abandoned in 2001 made with a pinhole camera. She has appreciated the transformation of subject matter through low-tech and lens-less cameras and the serendipity that often occurs. She taught photography at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio until its closing in 2008. She currently works at the recently re-opened college as the director of the Herndon Gallery.

Jackie Milad: Speak for Me (Ventriloquist)

February 21-March 28, 2013
Reception & Gallery Talk: Thursday, Feb.21, 4-5:30 PM

Milad's current series of drawings are studies of unique and otherworldly encounters shared between two people/things. In this series the artist explores comprehension of facial expressions and body language-as well as expose awkward moments of long silences, uncomfortable eye contact, and uneasy proximity. Although this project is currently presented in a two-dimensional format, the references to theatrical accouterments, including costumes and dramatic lighting, are intentional. The eventual iteration of this project will be a series of short theatrical vignettes performed by both dancers and actors.

Jackie Milad is an artist who works with drawing, performance art and installation, and often creates projects that brings these disciplines together. She has exhibited internationally and nationally in such places such as The Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, Gallery 32 as part of the London Biennale, Delaware Center of Contemporary Art in Wilmington, Museum of Fine Arts in Mazatlan, Mexico and Galeria del Jovenes in Culiacan, Mexico. In 2005 she earned her MFA from Towson University in Maryland with a competitive Graduate Fellowship, and in 2000 she received her BFA from Tufts University and the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Massachusetts. In 1998, Ms. Milad studied painting at the Studio Arts Center International in Florence Italy. She is currently Program Coordinator and Curator for the Stamp Gallery at University of Maryland, College Park. In the winter of 2007-08, Ms. Milad completed a research residency in northwest Mexico where she researched and recorded local men's whistling habits. In 2010 Milad was awarded an Individual Artist Grant from the Maryland State Arts Council.

More Info: Jackie Milad's Website

Senior Show 2013

April 5-May 5, 2013
Artist Reception: Friday, April 5, 5-6:30 PM

Juror: Jackie Milad

Krystalynn Anderson, Megan Diehl, Danielle Frontz, Olivia Gardner, Sarah Honhold, Karen Kaetzel, John Kitner, Ashlea Leisenring, Chelsey Lindaberry, Kasey Lyon, Emily Mixell, Jennifer Skocypec, Katelyn Traxler

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