What it means to be an American

Major: American Studies
Minors: American Studies | Multiculturalism

American Studies gives students an in-depth look at American civilization from colonial times to the present day, introducing students to the complexities underlying the development of America and its contemporary life. This course of study helps to build and improve research, writing, and critical thinking skills that are central to a well-rounded, liberal arts education, with exposure to a broad range of disciplines, including history, political science, sociology, English, economics, and the arts, as well as ethnic and racial diversity that define American society. The American studies major or minor assists in preparing students for careers in museums, historical societies, journalism, law, civil service, and education.

Student Opportunities

  • Compete for a Summer Research Grant or a Haberberger Summer Research Fellowship for the opportunity to work alongside faculty members on summer research projects.
  • Submit papers to be published in national academic journals.
  • Interview for internships at museums such as the Smithsonian Institute or Williamsport’s Thomas Taber Museum, as well as in other fields such as libraries, law offices, marketing departments, and sports management offices.
  • Join other Lycoming warriors in managing and writing for the Revolutionary War Soldiers website.
  • Access a number of institutional depositories and databases related to American Studies when doing research.
  • Study abroad for a semester, the summer, or a full year.
  • Tutor peers who are also majoring in American Studies.

Why Lycoming?

  1. Classes are small, allowing students to develop critical reading, writing and thinking skills that prepare them for an array of jobs and careers.
  2. Classes are taught by award winning and published professors with the highest degrees in their fields.
  3. Faculty take on student research assistants to work on articles, journals and books through the Lycoming's Student Research Grants, and the Andrew Mellon Faculty Student Research Grant.
  4. Seniors complete a research project as part of a two-semester seminar series, matching some of the most rigorous programs in the nation.

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