Georg Grassmueck

Georg Grassmueck


B.S., Sacred Heart University
M.B.A., Sacred Heart University
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University at University Park

Contact Information:

(570) 321-4168
Campus Post Office Box 152

Business Administration: Associate Professor and Department Chair

Institute for Management Studies: Associate Professor of Business Administration

Actuarial Science: Associate Professor of Business Administration

Health Care Administration: Associate Professor of Business Administration

Dr. Georg Grassmueck teaches Fundamentals of Financial Management, Intermediate Financial Management, Investments, International Financial Management, and Global Business Strategies plus occasional IMS Scholars classes on current topics. He studied for 4 years at the Karl Franzens Universität in Graz, Austria. He incorporates the traditional liberal arts model of education in teaching the field of finance. In his classes, students learn the fundamental concepts of finance, and read classic and current books about finance and business.

His research interests are in public finance, institutional, public and regional economics, as well as the psychology of investing.