Meghan Young

Meghan Young

Archaeology history and culture of the ancient Near East, philosophy and French, 2007

Family law attorney in Williamsport, Pa.

As a family law attorney, I have to be understanding and compassionate. I have to be able to hold my ground when fighting for the rights of my clients, who are going through one of the hardest times of their lives. Despite these challenges, it still is an extremely rewarding career.

Although my degrees are very diverse, I was well prepared for a wide range of legal careers, including internal law and antiquity law. 

I choose my majors based on both my interests and a desire to make myself stand out to law schools where the majority of the incoming first years are political science majors. I specifically chose philosophy as a major because this area of study teaches you how to think outside of the box and on your feet, which are key skills in the legal field.

While at Lycoming, I had an interest in antiquity law, which was broadened when I took part in the archaeological dig in Ancient Idalion, Cyprus. I credit Dr. Pamela Gaber for helping me explore career possibilities and for arranging a meeting with prospective employers after graduation.

Lycoming also provided me many opportunities to study and travel abroad and the professors took the time to encourage me to take advantage of these opportunities, which as a shy student in the beginning, I may not have done without that encouragement.