Gary Samuels

Gary Samuels

Music, 2005

Coordinator of Student Affairs and Community Standards at Misericordia University

I really enjoy working one-on-one with college students and helping them develop into strong members of their community. My current role lets me educate students on how they can contribute to the overall mission of the university and evaluate how they give back to their community while they are attending college.

At Lycoming I was hired as a resident adviser (RA). Working as an RA helped me become a leader and showed me that I can continue to use the skills in my professional life after college. Lycoming has long been part of who I am and helped me to not only get an education while a student, but has also helped me gain professional experience when I was employed after graduation in student affairs.

Two of my favorite professors were Christopher Woodruff in the music department and Dr. Richard Morris. Woodruff was always a delight in all of the classes I had with him and he truly cared about our development in the music program. I only had Dr. Morris for one class while I attended Lycoming, but I took away a lot from his class and he opened my mind to a different way of viewing the world.