Kari Lenz

Kari Lenz

Corporate communications, 2012

Leasing consultant, Paradigm Companies, Ballston, Va.

I interned with Paradigm in D.C. during the summer of 2011 and was offered a full-time position with the company before I graduated. Paradigm is a real estate development company that provides high-quality housing and real estate options in the Mid-Atlantic region with a focus on creating family-sized, residential properties in and around Washington, D.C.

My internship was a great experience; it made me feel more prepared for the real world. Now, I help prospective clients find homes in Paradigm's communities. I give tours, interact and build relations with residents, plan events, and assist with financial reports and online marketing.

I credit the College for preparing me for my profession. At Lycoming, I was very involved on campus, which allowed me to interact with many individuals and strengthened the people skills I now use so often.