Alex Leclerc

Alex Leclerc

Business administration, 2011

Director of operational excellence within the continuous improvement department at Leclerc Foods, a family owned snack production company

I am on a quest to develop my family owned company into a global brand, which is why I attended the world-renown Hult International Business School after graduating from Lycoming. There, I completed an intensive one-year master's program in international business where I spent eight months in San Francisco and 3 1/2 months in China.

Lycoming provided me with the perfect setting to earn a liberal arts education. Lycoming allowed me to not only gain business knowledge, but also to broaden my views on different world subjects. I was fortunate in that I could work and take classes while at Lycoming, which helped me learn all aspects of the company.

While I was at Hult, which has over 80 different nationalities, I had to interact with many students, each having different religious, political and social views. A class that has helped me a lot since I graduated was the religion class taught by Dr. Richard Hughes, where I was able to learn and understand the different religions in the world, which has helped me relate with many of my fellow students and understand and respect our differences.