Jordan Hollander

Jordan Hollander

Political Science, 2010

Law student at Rutgers Law School, Camden, N.J.

I began studying at Rutgers Law School in the summer of 2011 following the completion of my master’s degree in comparative European politics from Trinity College, Dublin. For the past year, I have served as a Governor’s Executive Fellow with the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University. As part of that fellowship, I took a class on New Jersey and American politics. I have also interned with the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office in Belvidere, N.J., and I was a summer associate with the law firm of Genova, Burns, Giantomasi, and Webster in Newark, N.J.

Lycoming prepared me extremely well for graduate school, both in political science and in the law, especially when it came to research and writing skills. Lycoming has a strong reputation and people recognized the name, especially in the mid-Atlantic region. Because I was so prepared for my graduate work, I was able to excel and even earn graduate fellowships to help defer the costs of advancing my education and career prospects.

My degree program prepared me very well for my post-Lycoming career. In the law, you need to have strong research and writing skills, but you also need to be a strong public speaker and advocate. Coming from a liberal arts background is also extremely helpful since the law is extremely diversified and you may be confronted by many issues in a single case.