Luis Hernandez

Luis Hernandez

Political Science, 2006

Founder, Defense Strategies Institute, Washington, D.C.

When I first worked in Washington, D.C., I saw a need that wasn’t being addressed. So I created a company, Defense Strategies Institute, which bridges the gap between the government and military discussions and the industrial and commercial worlds.

My Lycoming degree and experience with political polling in Dr. Williamson’s class was instrumental to what I do now. In order to give relevant data, I have to understand statistics, which I learned while doing public opinion and policy polling.

I work with high-level military personnel. On an average day, I get to meet some of the most inspiring men and woman, such as 2-star and 3-star generals and colonels.

My experiences in getting to know military personnel who have fought in multiple tours and led thousands of soldiers in battle was a factor in my company partnering with the Wounded Warrior Project.

I am meeting people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It helps me see how hard they work for us.

I recently met with a Marine Corps captain to discuss a mobile device strategy. We sell thought leadership. My company takes the best ideas to the best people and the right people in the military and government. We make the connections.

My liberal arts background opened up more opportunities within my major than just becoming a lawyer. I learned to think critically, which is beneficial in my current position. I use my skill set in a way that not everyone expects.