Kaitlyn Hobbs Demers

Kaitlyn Hobbs Demers

Theatre and education, 2011

Studying law at George Washington Law School, Washinton, D.C.

Before I made the choice to attend law school, I was a teacher with Teach for America in Atlanta for two years.  I was also a Content Leader in literacy for all of the Metro Atlanta 5th grade corps members and this summer I was a Corps Member Advisor and trained new elementary teachers.

Lycoming's small class size and attentive professors gave me the attention I needed to get the most out of my education.  Leaving the education department I felt prepared in the classroom.  I had the tools I needed to be a successful teacher.  In the theatre department I had a great relationship with all of my professors.  I was able to pursue different options like directing full length shows and taking a show I wrote on tour to local elementary schools.  These experiences taught me how to manage adults and how to bring creativity into my careers. Experiences like those would not have been possible at other schools.

My favorite memories are in the theatre.  Shows with J. Stanley and Jerry Allen were always my favorite.  I also have very fond memories of the yearly trip to Shaw Festival in Canada with the theatre department.