Cynthia Betz-Bogoly

Cynthia Betz-Bogoly

Religion and Communication, 2005

Ordained Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA) serving as the pastor at Elkins Park Presbyterian Church, and president of the Board of Trustees of the Presbyterian Camp and Conference Center of Johnsonburg, N.J.

I was ordained in 2008 as the solo pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Philipsburg, N.J., where I served for three years, concurrent with that position I spent a year serving as the chaplain of Bloomfield College, then in 2011 I accepted my current position in Summit, N.J. In January 2013 I was elected President of the Board for PCCI.

I use my studies from Lycoming every day in my profession. I provide Christian Education to children, youth, and adults based on my background in religious studies gleaned at Lyco. I also preach using the skills gained in my Public Speaking courses I took as a Communication major.

But most important of all are the interpersonal skills I learned in my courses in all areas of study working with other students and professors in small group learning situations.  One of my religion courses only had four students.  It was great to have that small group interaction with the texts, the professor, and each other leading to in-depth discussions and co-teaching skills that I use as a teacher in my small group Christian education classes today.

Dean Piper was a huge supporter of my discernment of vocational path while at Lyco. He continued to support my academic career and my self-development, allowing me to take the lead as the planner of the campus symposium my senior year. I was very touched when Dean Piper attended and participated in my Ordination service in 2008 acting as one of the clergy to affirm my call into ordained ministry.

Pastors who find the most fulfillment and see congregations grow spiritually have the understanding that they are following Christ and stumbling along the way, just like their parishioners, as they serve their congregation.