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The Black Student Union presents a gallery exhibition in celebration of Black History Month

The Black Student Union presents a gallery exhibition in celebration of Black History Month

Student artists (l-r): Kellyn Thomas, Taylor, Isabelle Thomas, Toure, Rochester

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In a continuing celebration of Black History Month on the Lycoming College campus, the Black Student Union (BSU) unveiled a gallery exhibition presenting various forms of art created by Black students. The exhibit, located in the Fine Arts Building Campus Art Gallery (FA101), opened Tuesday, Feb. 14, and runs through Friday, Feb. 24, when it will be relocated to the East Hall Coffeehouse for a “Night of the Arts” event that begins with a reception at 5 p.m.

The Black History Month Committee issued the following statement about the Black Student Union Art Exhibit:

“To be an artist means to share how you see the world around you. As Black students we experience the world in unique ways. Creating the essence that becomes embodied in the art we make. This exhibit contains the work of five Black students at Lycoming College in their medium of choice. Sharing their stories, characters, beliefs and how they can mold the world or create one of their own. Helping each of us see what they see. We welcome you to enjoy this collection of art.”

- The Black History Month Committee

The exhibit features works from the following student artists:

  • Hannah Rochester ’24 – computer science major, graphic design minor
  • Kellyn Thomas ’23 – graphic design/3D animation major
  • Isabelle Thomas ’23 – political science major, French minor
  • Mya Taylor ’25 – art history and painting double major
  • Aicha Toure ’23 – neuroscience and photography double major, psychology minor

“The idea of a BSU art exhibit started last year as something to execute for this Black History Month. I had thought about having BSU do some sort of event celebrating African Americans and art,” said Isabelle Thomas who currently serves as vice president of BSU. “Art can come in all different forms, so the BSU came up with the idea of having an art gallery showcasing art from different students on campus to represent the contemporary life for young Black college students.”

From there, Isabelle Thomas and the Black History Month Committee identified student artists interested in showing their works in the collection, and the art department staff offered the on-campus gallery space for the exhibition.

“Night of the Arts” will feature a final viewing of the art exhibit, pop-up shops, and musical and dance performances by other Black students and clubs. The exhibit itself and “Night of the Arts” is free and open to the public.

Lycoming’s BSU was established to expand Black awareness to all students, faculty and staff, as well as to provide a place where students can discuss issues of importance. BSU leads the Lycoming College community in an observance of Black History Month annually, recognizing the contributions of Black people on campus and around the world.

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