Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Students and staff receive accolades for leadership and service to community

Lycoming College recognized multiple students and staff for showing leadership through serving the Lycoming and Williamsport communities. Honorees were acknowledged for their selfless and tireless dedication to serving others and for their leadership to advance student life at the College during Honors Convocation. Those honored include:

Bishop William Perry Eveland Prize - Awarded to a senior resident student, who is in the upper half of the class, for progress in scholarship, loyalty, school spirit, and participation in school activities.

  • Joanne M. Grosskopf ’22

Class of 1907 Prize - Presented to a senior who is in the upper half of the class, and who has contributed to campus life through participation in athletics and other student activities.

  • Luke W. Jordan ’22

Faculty Prize - Given to a senior commuting student who participated in student activities and who is in the upper half of the class.

  • Hannah K. Gallagher ’22

Bishop D. Frederick Wertz - Presented for outstanding dedication and selfless service to others during a student’s college career.

  • Laurel G. Strouse ’22

Ethel McDonald Pax Christi Award - Given for outstanding but quiet consistency in the life of faith and the practice of Christianity, noteworthy personal integrity, and humble loving compassion expressed in daily life.

  • Marcus Chambers ’22

Torchbearer Award - Presented to the chapter of a fraternity or sorority for excellence in academic achievement.

  • Alpha Xi Delta

(l-r) Jhugaroo; Blacksher; Medina; Bitetto; Prince; Dan Miller, vp student life; Castillo; Mathews; Wolfe, Clouser, Elinsky

IRUSKA Honor Society Awards – Awarded for outstanding contribution to campus life in one or more student activities.

  • Sean A. Prince ’23
  • Emma N. Wolfe ’23
  • Kamarie A. Blacksher ’23
  • Georgina J. Medina ’23
  • Amber J. Elinsky ’23
  • Taylor S. Mathews ’23
  • Maha Soojaysingh K. Jhugaroo ’23
  • Jeovannee Castillo ’23
  • Morgan R. Clouser ’23
  • Marcus J. Bitetto ’23

(l-r) Mukherjee; Bhunjun; Guerin; Pallares; Dan Miller, vp student life; Liyanage; Felder; Kushlan; Jordan; Youssef

The J Marco Hunsberger Service to Lycoming Awards - Presented for unselfish service and contribution to student life by a senior during their college career.

  • Diego Pallares-Aceves ’22
  • Umaya Danwatte Liyanage ’22
  • Sohini Mukherjee ’22
  • Luke W. Jordan ’22
  • Shruti Devi Bhunjun ’22
  • Marquetta Krysanju Felder ’22
  • Fayla Anaya Maire Guerin ’22
  • Amy A. Kushlan ’22
  • Aseel Tork ’22
  • Hana Ehab Youssef ’22

(l-r) Kent Trachte, president; Gonzalez; Dan Miller, vp student life

Makisu Award - Presented to a staff member for outstanding service to the College community, for dedication above and beyond the realm of one’s obligations in relation to the College.

  • Victoria Gonzalez, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor of sociology