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Lycoming College names 2022 Chieftain, departmental award winners

Lycoming College names 2022 Chieftain, departmental award winners

(l-r) Kent Trachte, president; Jordan; Dan Miller, vp student life

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Lycoming College named Luke W. Jordan ’22 the recipient of the Chieftain Award during the College’s annual Honors Convocation ceremony on April 24 at Williamsport’s Community Arts Center, to an audience of students, families, faculty, and staff. Jordan was recognized for his leadership and advocacy for student athletes, his passion for academic life, and his contributions to important student organizations.

First presented in 1952, the Chieftain Award is the highest honor given to a graduating senior who has contributed the most to Lycoming College through support of school activities, has exhibited utmost dedication and outstanding leadership qualities, has evidenced good moral character, and whose academic rank is above the median of the preceding senior class.

Jordan, a biology major with minors in chemistry and business administration from Greenwich, N.Y., is also a Lycoming Scholar. His academic record earned him induction into the Phi Kappa Phi Academic Honor Society and the Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemistry Honor Society. Jordan served as an Academic Resource Center tutor, a teaching assistant for the Human Physiology Lab, and a lab technician for the COVID Testing Lab. He also received an American Heart Association Grant to support clinical research on the effect of alcohol and nicotine on the hearts of rodents at the Penn State College of Medicine. Jordan earned a spot on Lycoming’s Dean’s List all four years.

As a four-year member of Lycoming’s men’s soccer team, serving as captain his senior year, Jordan was awarded the prestigious NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship, and was named to the MAC Academic Honor Roll every year. He served as president of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee for three years, represented the College on the Middle Atlantic Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and served two years as vice president. For these contributions, he was named to the Chi Alpha Sigma Athlete Honor Society.

Furthermore, Jordan was involved in the Unifying Lycoming Leadership Council, Student Senate, the Dining Committee, and the Alliance, an organization that works to prevent sexual assault. He was also elected to the Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society.

Lycoming extends its congratulations to Jordan and all of the Chieftain nominees, including Umaya Liyanage ’22, a criminal justice major with minors in sociology, and philosophy and law, from Apple Valley, Calif.; Sohini Mukherjee ’22, a biology major from West Bengal, India; and Diego Pallares ’22, a political science major with minors in criminal justice and criminology, and philosophy, from Cicero, Ill.

During the ceremony, Lycoming College also recognized a number of remarkable students who attained high levels of academic achievement and scholarship during the 2021-22 academic year. Those recognized include:


  • Durant L. Furey III Award – Kevin Anthony Krawczyk ’22
  • Managerial Accounting Award – Rachel E. Szczypinski ’23
  • Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Award – Chad Steven Miller ’22
  • The Charles J. Kocian Award – Chad Steven Miller ’22
  • Wehr Financial Accounting Prize – Deepshika Parbhoo ’22
  • Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP Prize for Tax Accounting – Deepshika Parbhoo ’22
  • The Professor Logan A. Richmond Accounting Prize – Austin Shane Lyons ’22


  • Durkeim Prize in Sociology – Alecia Danielle McElwee ’22
  • Durkheim Prize in Anthropology – Ian Richard Shoemaker ’22


  • Faculty Prize for Excellence in Archaeology – Alexandra Marchesani ’22


  • Alfred Kohler Studio Artist Award – Bee Sanchez ’24
  • Award for Excellence in Sculpture – Charise D. Johnson ’22
  • Faculty Award for Excellence in Photography – Yajna Jungbadoor ’22
  • Roger D. Shipley Award – Kaylee Nicole Wade ’22
  • Faculty Award for Achievement in Fine Art – Medhavi Bhunjun ’22
  • Digital Art Award – Bronwen Paige Lewis ’22


  • Fundamentals of Physics Award – Justin N. Strube ’25
  • Principles of Astronomy Award – Maha Soojaysingh K. Jhugaroo ’23
  • Q.E.D. Award for Department Service – Rylee Abigail Delaney ’22
  • Фυσίκα Award in Astronomy/Physics – Rylee Abigail Delaney ’22


  • Biology Department Academic Excellence Award – Luke W. Jordan ’22
  • Biology Service Award – Allison Kathryn Wagner ’22, Sohini Mukherjee ’22
  • Williamsport Rotary Club Endowed Prize – Megan Mae Chamberlin ’22
  • Freshman Biology Award – James A. Johnson ’25, Madison P. Maihle ’25, Benjamin J. Fry ’25

Business Administration

  • The Financial Management Award – Stephen Walter Zakrzewski ’22
  • The General Management Award – Michael Joseph Scarponi ’22
  • The John G. Hollenback Award – Shruti Devi Bhunjun ’22
  • The Marketing Management Award – Valeria Renee Rivera ’22
  • The Charles J. Kocian Award – Emma Louise Lehr ’22


  • American Chemical Society Outstanding Chemistry Major Award – Kiyah Mone Bell ’22
  • Trask Chemistry Prize – Chase Logan Byerly ’22
  • Byron C. Brunstetter Science Award – Luke W. Jordan ’22

Corporate Communication

  • The Department Award in Media Literacy – Ashlyn V. Wool ’22

Criminal Justice/Criminology

  • Criminal Justice Society Prize – Ian Elliott Chapman ’22
  • Hoover Memorial Prize – Francesca Marie Patetta ’22


  • The 2022 Economics Excellence Award – Dominick Philip ’24
  • The 2022 Robert W. Rabold Economics Excellence Award – John R. Confair ’23, Derek M. Lewis ’23
  • The 2022 Roger W. Opdahl Economics Excellence Award – Maxwell Timothy Hanson ’22
  • The Charles J. Kocian Award – Charles W. Hunt ’23
  • The John A. Streeter Memorial Award in Economics – Shruti Devi Bhunjun ’22


  • Leadership Award in Education – Jessica Riordan ’22


  • Dan Gustafson Award – Bailey M. Spencer ’23
  • The Metzler Prize – Caleb A. Hipple ’23
  • The Phoebe R. Lyon Prize – Hannah K. Gallagher ’22
  • The President's Prize in Poetry – Caleb A. Hipple ’23
  • The G.W. Hawkes Prize in Prose – Tanix D. Enz ’22

Film and Video Arts

  • Faculty Excellence Award – Shania Imani Jackman ’22
  • Film and Video Arts Award – Rosemary A. Tovar ’23


  • Richard L. Mix '51 and Miriam S. Mix Research and Writing Prize in History – Casey Daniel Haas ’22
  • Robert Ewing Senior Prize in History – Casey Daniel Haas ’22


  • The Benjamin C. Conner Prize in Mathematics – Alicia Ann Blizzard ’22
  • The Charles J. Kocian Award in Actuarial Science – Tianquan Jiang ’22
  • The Charles J. Kocian Award in Computer Science – Markus T. Sidwell ’22
  • The Elisha Benson Kline Prize – Tianquan Jiang ’22
  • The Frances K. Skeath Award in Mathematics – Derek M. Lewis ’23
  • The J. W. Feree Award – Amy A. Kushlan ’22

Modern Language Studies

  • Phil G. Gillette Prize in Modern Foreign Languages (French) – Kiera Elisabeth Vinson ’22
  • Phil G. Gillette Prize in Modern Foreign Languages (German) – Hana Ehab Youssef ’22
  • Phil G. Gillette Prize in Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish) – Hanna Cherres ’22
  • The Emilia Pardo Bazán Prize in Critical Writing – Hanna B. Cherres ’22
  • Paul A. MacKenzie Discovery Prize – Megan F. Pole ‘25


  • Dr. Will George Butler Band Award – Adin N. Hinojosa ’25
  • Michelle Bohlin Award in Theater & Music – Amanda Dorothy Passiglia ’22
  • The Walter G. McIver Award – Matthew T. Baldridge ’25
  • The William T. and Ruth S. Askey Music Prize – Joanne M. Grosskopf ’22
  • The Williamsport Civic Chorus Award – Kaitlyn R. Haefner ’24
  • Dr. Will George Butler Choir Award – Dominick Philip ’24
  • John A. Streeter Memorial Award – Chad S. Miller ’22


  • Arthur Faus Memorial Prize – Sarah Ann Eddinger ’22

Political Science

  • The C. Daniel Little '53 and Jeanne Louise Little '82 Award in American Politics – Diego Pallares-Aceves ’22
  • Richard L. Mix '51 and Miriam S. Mix Prize in Political Science – Olivia N. Wilson ’23, Isabelle A. Thomas ’23
  • The Charles J. Kocian Award – Rachel Horvath ’22


  • Milton Skeath Award in Psychology – Abigail Marie Bracken ’22


  • Faculty Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Religion – Cheyenne Audrey Meckes ’22
  • Eduardo Guerra Prize in Biblical Languages – Jonathan A. Stugart ’23


  • Overall Excellence in Theatre Award – Mitchell Tyrone Kelly ’22

Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Holly Elizabeth Hurlbert ’97 Endowed Fund in Women’s Studies Prize – Adriana Osornio ’23