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Lycoming College announces new academic program in 3D animation

Lycoming College announces new academic program in 3D animation

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Continuing its commitment to curricular innovation, Lycoming College announced an expansion of its studio art major to include 3D animation beginning with the 2021-2022 academic year. The decision to broaden its curriculum, faculty, and coursework in an increasingly popular discipline will not only help Lycoming attract and retain exceptional undergraduate students but will also help to solidify the College’s position among the best liberal arts and sciences colleges in the nation.

3D animation is the process of generating three-dimensional moving images in a digital environment. 3D models are carefully manipulated within 3D software to give the illusion of animation or movement.

The new concentration at Lycoming is designed for students declaring a major in studio art who are interested in film production, game development, advertising, and other related fields. Common career paths include film and television, advertising, public relations, marketing, video games, architectural design, scientific and medical services, and education. New courses focusing on 3D animation include “Introduction to Digital 3D Modeling,” “Introduction to 3D Character Animation,” “Advanced 3D Character Animation,” and “Animation Workshop.”

All students majoring in studio art are required to complete several foundational courses, including introduction courses to drawing, digital art, photography, three-dimensional design, and art history. Students also participate in an art colloquium during which faculty, students, and invited professionals discuss and critique specific art and media exhibitions.

Manuel Moreno-Lee, assistant professor of digital art at Lycoming College, will teach many of the 3D courses. He stressed the importance of the breadth of offerings at Lycoming and why a new concentration was created. "We are excited to bring students the opportunity to learn and be a part of the growing field of 3D animation and I look forward to the amazing work that will be created by students at this new program at Lycoming."

Lycoming College's art program offers all the benefits of a standalone art school while also providing a traditional liberal arts education, giving students exciting, inspiring opportunities and opening their minds to broader possibilities. The art department is recognized for its innovative program, cutting-edge digital design, and exceptional faculty of teachers and practicing professional artists. Students graduate equipped with everything they need to succeed as working professional artists, graphic/web designers, photographers, teachers, art therapists, conservators, curators, gallerists, animators, or in their pursuit of a higher degree. More information can be found at

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