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Lycoming College names Chieftan, departmental award winners, at Honors Convocation

Lycoming College names Chieftan, departmental award winners, at Honors Convocation

Dan Miller, Ph.D., vice president for student life; Rebecca Forbes, Chieftan; Kent. C. Trachte, Ph.D., president

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Lycoming College celebrated students’ academic achievements on April 14 at its annual Honors Convocation, recognizing dozens for their dedication to academic pursuits.

Rebecca Forbes ’19 (Lititz, Pa.), a Lycoming Scholar with a double major in economics and Spanish, and a minor in business administration, was awarded Lycoming College’s highest student honor with the 2019 Chieftan. During her time at Lycoming College, Forbes’ energy and passion for education was difficult to overlook as she tackled study abroad and research opportunities, internships, leadership positions, and more.

Forbes was able to conduct independent research on the effects of alumni giving, co-authoring a journal article alongside both Lycoming College and Goucher College economists, and presenting findings at a professional conference. She continued her giving research as a Haberberger Research Fellow, when she examined the effect of gender in charitable giving and authored an article to present her findings. Forbes also studied abroad at Estudio Sampere in Cuenca, Ecuador, completing language-intensive courses and improve her cross-cultural communication skills.

Off campus, Forbes gained real-world experiences as a business development intern at the Covation Center; a financial management and controls intern at Dominion Energy in Richmond, Va.; and a wealth protection planning intern with Williamsport’s Steinbacher, Goodall & Yurchak. On campus, she worked as a tutor and faculty assistant for the economics department, a staff supervisor at Keiper Recreation Center, and a student assistant for the Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences.

“Rebecca has an unmatched level of dedication, motivation, and curiosity that makes her an absolute joy to work with. She has improved herself, her peers, and mentors alike during her time at Lycoming College. I am sad to see her go, and excited for all that she has before her,” said Mica Kurtz, Ph.D., assistant professor of economics at Lycoming College.

Her drive and achievements have not gone unnoticed. Forbes was awarded the M.B. Rich prize for academic achievement, the award for excellence in economics, the Marshall Sanders Endowed Scholarship and the Richard W. Gieniec ’91 Endowed Scholarship. She was a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Interdisciplinary Honor Society, Omicron Delta Epsilon Economics Honor Society, Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, and Phi Sigma Iota Foreign Language Honor Society.

Forbes’ participation in student activities reached far and wide on campus, as she served as vice president of the economics club, treasurer of the Spanish club, and served on the executive board of the Campus Activities Board. She was also a member of both the College’s chamber and tour choirs.

“My time at Lycoming has been filled with so many experiences that have bolstered my love of learning both in and out of the classroom. I have been blessed to have professors who use real-world examples to enforce theoretical concepts, and have experienced hands-on learning in the majority of my classes. It has been an enjoyable challenge to connect what I’m learning in my distribution classes to my major classes, and even to connect concepts from my two very different majors together. Reasoning from different points of view has been an essential part of my time at Lycoming, and I look forward to continue applying the practice of well-rounded thinking moving forward,” said Forbes. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences outside of the classroom where I have learned to connect with others, and it is the relationships I have formed with others at Lycoming that have made my years here so exciting. Moving forward, I hope to continue using my education to better understand the world around us and to continue learning as much as possible.”

A number of other Lycoming College students attained high levels of academic achievement and scholarship, and they also received awards at Honors Convocation, including:


Durant L. Furey III Award—Jake Webb ’20 (Fairless Hills, Pa.)

Managerial Accounting Award— Ashley B. Heisler ’20 (Valley View, Pa.)

Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Award—Rachel Lynne Duda ’19 (Jersey Shore, Pa.)

The Charles J. Kocian Award—Cheng Yang ’19 (Zigong City, China)

Wehr Financial Accounting Prize—Cheng Yang ’19 (Zigong City, China)

Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP Prize for Tax Accounting— Rachel Lynne Duda ’19 (Jersey Shore, Pa.)

The Professor Logan A. Richmond Accounting Prize— Jake Webb ’20 (Fairless Hills, Pa.)


Durkheim Prize in Sociology—Hedy Catherine Gerace ’19 (Birdsboro, Pa.)

Durkheim Prize in Sociology—Michael Luther Newton ’19 (Elysburg, Pa.)


Faculty Prize for Excellence in Archaeology—Katelyn Amanda Donohue ’19 (Fairless Hills, Pa.)


Alfred Kohler Studio Artist Award—Ariana I. Breen ’20 (Silver Spring, Md.)

Faculty Award for Excellence in Photography—Rebecca R. Donohue ’19 (Schuykl Haven, Pa.)

Roger D. Shipley Award —Kendyl J. Cartagena ’20 (Newton, N.J.)

Faculty Award for Achievement in Fine Art—Rebecca R. Donohue ’19 (Schuykl Haven, Pa.)

Commercial Design Award—Karen Pérez ’20 (Houston)


Fundamentals of Physics Award—Rylee A. Delaney ’22 (Livermore, Maine)

Principles of Astronomy Award—Kanta Shiromizu ’20 (Wakō-Shi, Saitama, Japan)

Q.E.D. Award for Department Service—Aaron Christopher Haake ’19 (Federal Way, Wash.)

Q.E.D. Award for Department Service—Lucas Thomas Wilkins ’19 (New Oxford, Pa.)

Фυσίκα Award in Astronomy/Physics—Lucas Thomas Wilkins ’19 (New Oxford, Pa.)


Biology Department Academic Excellence Award—Emilie Marie Kramer ’19 (Wellsboro, Pa.)

Biology Service Award—Brittany Lynn Lenze ’19 (Saint Marys, Pa.)

Williamsport Rotary Club Endowed Prize—Geoffrey Thomas Kist ’19 (Williamsport)

Freshman Biology Award—Megan S. Nitchman ’19 (Carlisle, Pa.)

Freshman Biology Award—Salome H. Hailu ’22 (Silver Spring, Md.)

Business Administration

The Financial Management Award—Tung H. Nguyen ’19 (Hanoi, Vietnam)

The General Management Award—Kelly McGinniss ’19 (Randolph, N.J.)

The John G. Hollenback Award—Tung H. Nguyen ’19 (Hanoi, Vietnam)

The Marketing Management Award—Joseph Douglas Oquendo ’19 (Brookhaven, Pa.)

The Charles J. Kocian Award—Tung H. Nguyen ’19 (Hanoi, Vietnam)


American Chemical Society Outstanding Chemistry Major Award—Paige Nicole Rockwell ’19 (McElhattan, Pa.)

Trask Chemistry Prize —Michael Steven Cavanaugh ’19 (East Stroudsburg, Pa.)

Byron C. Brunstetter Science Award—Carli Mae King ’19 (Hillsgrove, Pa.)


The Gertrude B. Madden Communication Award—Danek Zaleski ’19 (Langhorn, Pa.)

The Department Award in Media Research —Dominic M. Loffredo ’19 (Linden, Pa.)

Criminal Justic/Criminology

Criminal Justice Society Prize—Kevin A. Thomas ’19 (Bel Air, Md.)

Criminal Justice Society Prize—Riley M. Thomas ’19 (South Williamsport, Pa.)

Hoover Memorial Prize—Elizabeth Anne Nace ’19 (Perkasie, Pa.)


The 2019 Economics Excellence Award —Girishwaree Ramphul ’21 (Grand Port, Mauritius)

The 2019 Robert W. Rabold Economics Excellence Award—Victoria A. Ricedorf ’20 (Liverpool, Pa.)

The 2019 Robert W. Rabold Economics Excellence Award—Rory J. Mendat ’20 (Grampian, Pa.)

The 2019 Roger W. Opdahl Economics Excellence Award—Rebecca Anne Forbes ’19 (Lititz, Pa.)

The Charles J. Kocian Award —Linh Khanh Nguyen ’19 (Hanoi, Vietnam)

The John A. Streeter Memorial Award in Economics—Tung H. Nguyen’19 (Hanoi, Vietnam)


Leadership Award in Education—Baleigh Luann Dunkleberger ’19 (Williamsport)


Dan Gustafson Award—Olivia Arquillo Heckroth ’19 (Oakdale, Pa.)

The Metzler Prize —Boone A. Jenkins ’20 (Williamsport)

The Phoebe R. Lyon Prize— Hedy Catherine Gerace ’19 (Birdsboro, Pa.)

The President's Prize in Poetry—Samuel Novoa ’20 (Byram Township, N.J.)

The President's Prize in Prose—Hedy Catherine Gerace ’19 (Birdsboro, Pa.)


Richard L. Mix '51 and Miriam S. Mix Research and Writing Prize in History—Jacob Anthony Maneval ’19 (Williamsport)

Richard L. Mix '51 and Miriam S. Mix Research and Writing Prize in History—Abigail Anne Bendick ’19 (Shavertown, Pa.)

Robert Ewing Senior Prize in History—Jacob Anthony Maneval ’19 (Williamsport)

David Library for the American Revolution Research Fellowship—Erin Emerick ’20 (Parkville, Md.)

Robert H. Ewing Research Fellowship—Rebecca S. Wilson ’20 (Warren, Pa.)


Mathematical Science Award—Kaitlyn Leigh Adams ’19 (Carlisle, Pa.)

Mathematical Science Award—Carter Alexander ’19 (South Williamsport, Pa.)

The Benjamin C. Conner Prize in Mathematics—Le Pham Thanh (Hanoi, Vietnam)

The Charles J. Kocian Award—Son Tran Minh Pham ’19 (Hanoi, Vietnam)

The Charles J. Kocian Award—Carter Alexander ’19 (South Williamsport, Pa.)

The Charles J. Kocian Award—Sheila E. Whitman ’20 (Lake Ariel, Pa.)

The Elisha Benson Kline Prize—Son Tran Minh Pham ’19 (Hanoi, Vietnam)

The Frances K. Skeath Award in Mathematics—Kaitlyn Leigh Adams ’19 (Carlisle, Pa.)

The J. W. Feree Award—Samantha Judith Barrett ’19 (Bensalem, Pa.)

The W. F. Sadler Prize—Carter Alexander ’19 (South Williamsport, Pa.)

Modern Language Studies

Phil G. Gillette Prize in Modern Foreign Languages  (French)—Thomas Matthew Van Patten ’19 (Olney, Md.)

Phil G. Gillette Prize in Modern Foreign Languages (German)—Jacob Afton ’19 (Erie, Pa.)

Phil G. Gillette Prize in Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish)—Rebecca Anne Forbes ’19 (Lititz, Pa.)

The Emilia Pardo Bazán Prize in Critical Writing—Emily Kate Sampsell ’20 (Montgomery, Pa.)


Dr. Will George Butler Band Award—Anna Klimitchev ’20 (Millsboro, Dela.)

Michelle Bohlin Award in Theater & Music —Melissa Ashley Bilza ’19 (Philadelphia, Pa.)

The Walter G. McIver Award—Alyssa Marie Burger ’19 (Montoursville, Pa.)

The William T. and Ruth S. Askey Music Prize—Alec Pasquale Giuseppe Sabatino ’19 (Pompton Lakes, N.J.)

The Williamsport Civic Chorus Award—Sydney M. Fennington ’21 (Clarksburg, Md.)

Dr. Will George Butler Choir Award—Katelyn J. Derby ’20 (Picture Rocks, Pa.)

John A. Streeter Memorial Award—Dylan M. Becker ’19 (Reading, Pa.)

W. Arthur Faus Memorial Prize—Michael Alan Dressler Jr. ’19 (Northumberland, Pa.)

W. Arthur Faus Memorial Prize—Deisy Lilibeth Moncada ’19 (Houston, Texas)

Political Science

The C. Daniel Little '53 and Jeanne Louise Little '82 Award in American Politics—Alexandra Maria Rozzi (Shawnee on Delaware, Pa.)

Richard L. Mix '51 and Miriam S. Mix Prize in Political Science—Max M. Moore

The Charles J. Kocian Award—Alexandra Maria Rozzi (Shawnee on Delaware, Pa.)


J. Milton Skeath Award in Psychology—Gillian Alexandra Barkell ’19 (Westminster, Md.)

J. Milton Skeath Award in Psychology—Erik Michael Homberger ’19 (Lititz, Pa.)

Psi Chi Service Award—Katlyn Michelle Bennett ’19 (Ulysses, Pa.)

Psi Chi Service Award—Erik Michael Homberger ’19 (Lititz, Pa.)


The McDowell Scholarship—Benjamin Andrew Conrad ’19 (Myerstown, Pa.)

The McDowell Scholarship—Andrew Jacob Traxler ’19 (Lewistown, Pa.)

Faculty Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Religion—Benjamin Andrew Conrad ’19 (Myerstown, Pa.)

Eduardo Guerra Prize in Biblical Languages—Brittany E. Halbleib ’21 (Hummelstown, Pa.)


Overall Excellence in Theatre Award—John P. King ’19 (Lancaster, Pa.)

Theatre Performance/Directing Award—Ahlyah B. Williams ’19 (Queens, N.Y.)

Theatre Design/Technical/Management Award—Briana Nicole Rumsey ’19 (Waldwick, N.J.)

Women’s and Gender Studies

Holly Elizabeth Hurlbert Prize— Abigail Anne Bendick ’19 (Shavertown, Pa.)