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Lycoming students study abroad at the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute

Lycoming students study abroad at the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute

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Six students from Lycoming College spent their spring semester at the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI), participating in a study abroad program titled, “The Afterlife of Artifacts.” The four-course curriculum offered students the chance to engage in an intensive museum internship, a research and museum visit experience, and hands-on lab courses that dealt with artifacts excavated by the Lycoming College Expedition to Idalion.

The semester abroad included visits to all of the museums in Cyprus and several archaeological sites throughout the island.

“This program has catapulted the six students participating from ordinary undergraduates to citizens of the world,” said Pamela Gaber, Ph.D., the program director and professor of archaeology and Judaic studies at Lycoming College. “Several of them are unquestionably graduate student material now. It is gratifying to witness—and participate in—such a transformation.”

Stevanakelly Dolence, a junior archaeology major, found the experience incredibly worthwhile. “The study abroad trip to Cyprus was one of the most valuable experiences of my life,” said Dolence. “I was provided with practical experiences that have equipped me with tools that I will be able to apply in graduate studies and in my future career. I will forever be grateful to Lycoming College for providing me with this opportunity.”

Student attendees included Emily Anderson ’19 of Columbia, Pa.; Stevanakelly Dolence ’19 of Pittsburgh, Pa.; Katelyn Donohue ’19 of Fairless Hills, Pa.; Emily Hepner ’19 of Leesport, Pa.; Karlise Jones ’20 of New Orleans, La.; and Dominic Lyons ’19 of Dundee, N.Y.

Lycoming College’s archaeology program allows students to analyze the physical remains of the past in pursuit of a comprehensive understanding of human culture. Students majoring in archaeology receive a solid foundation in the theories, methods, and diverse approaches that archaeologists use to answer important questions about cultural diversity and social change through time and across vast geographic regions. For more information on the archaeology program, please visit:

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