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Young-adult novelist discusses jazz and education in Brilliant Corners

Young-adult novelist discusses jazz and education in Brilliant Corners

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Thanks to author Mick Carlon, jazz is becoming more and more popular for teenagers around the country. In a recent interview for Brilliant Corners, Carlon discusses his three novels — “Riding on Duke’s Train,” “Travels with Louis,” and “Girl Singer” — and the importance of bringing music into the classroom.

Sascha Feinstein, Ph.D., professor of English and creative writing at Lycoming College, conducted the interview in Massachusetts, near Carlon’s home, and helped to guide discussions on Carlon’s novels, his experience as an educator, and other related topics. “In terms of jazz-related literature for middle- and high-school students,” Feinstein said, “no books have been more important than Carlon’s.”

Along with Carlon, a number of distinguished poets highlight the Winter 2017 issue of Brilliant Corners, including Billy Collins, a former Poet Laureate of the United States; Betsy Sholl, a former Poet Laureate of Maine; Sydney Lea, a former Poet Laureate of Vermont; and Indigo Moor, the current Poet Laureate of Sacramento. In addition, the issue includes three chapters from a forthcoming novel by Bill Moody, known for his Evan Horne detective novel series.

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Published at Lycoming College, Brilliant Corners is funded in part by Lycoming College, the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts and private endowments.

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