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Lycoming College student teachers share experiences teaching in local schools

Lycoming College student teachers share experiences teaching in local schools

Front Row: Elisa Entler, Sydney Figard, Deborah Thompson, Kelcie Crabb. Back Row: Justin Potuck, Michael Competiello, Zachary Kibler, Christian Atherholt. Photo courtesy of Marlene Cauley.

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Lycoming College education students who recently completed the student teaching portion of their degree shared stories about what they learned as the head of a classroom last month.

“Student teaching gives our education students confidence in their ability to create innovative learning materials and keep the attention of a very diverse set of students,” said Amy Rogers, Ph.D., associate professor of education at Lycoming College.

The end of the students’ semester was capped off by networking with local educators during mock interviews. Teachers and administrators from local school districts conducted individual interview and feedback sessions with the students. Each student participated in three interviews that provided them with valuable advice that will help them prepare for interviews after graduation.

Educators participating in the event included: Gerry Fausnaught and Wayne Fausnaught who retired from Williamsport Area School District; Jeff Robbins, principal, and Justin Ross, assistant principal, from Williamsport Area High School; Samantha Mix, Williamsport Area Middle School; Laura Schmack, from Hepburn-Lycoming Primary School; Matt Reitz, principal, and Matt Johnson, assistant principal, and Becky Leid from the Loyalsock High School; Darrin Feerrar, principal from Loyalsock Valley Elementary School; Ken Dady, Ph.D., principal from Jersey Shore Middle School; Patti Jones, from Curtin Intermediate School; Suzanne Foresman, principal, Schick Elementary School; Craig Kurtz, principal, Lyter Elementary; Marc Walter, principal, K-8 Warrior Run School District, and Rachel Hickoff-Cresko from Lycoming College.

“We appreciate the schools and educators for their ongoing support of our program every semester,” said Rogers. “Their professional guidance helps our students prepare them for future employment.”

Students who completed their student teaching experience this semester include: Elisa Entler, a senior English major from Albrightsville, Pa.; Sydney Figard, a senior astronomy major from Altoona, Pa.; Deborah Thompson, a senior psychology major from Bristol, Pa.; Kelcie Crabb, a senior psychology major from Millmont, Pa.; Justin Potuck, a senior biology major from Laporte, Pa.; Michael Competiello, a senior digital media communications major from Oak Ridge, N.J.; Zachary Kibler, a senior mathematics major from East Greenville, Pa.; Christian Atherholt, a post-baccalaureate student from Montoursville, Pa.

Lycoming College staff members who organize the student teaching experiences, concluding exhibits and interview events include: Rachel Hickoff-Cresko, Ed.D., education chair; Amy Rogers, Ph.D., certification supervisor; Courtney Dexter, Ph.D., assistant professor; Student Teaching Supervisors Marlene Cauley (elementary) and Melvin Wentzel (secondary); and Kris Datres, placement coordinator.