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Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies Learning Goals

The Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Major is the interdisciplinary examination of gender, sexuality and women across cultures and ages. The learning goals of the Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies major are to enable students to:

  • Examine the history and contributions of women;
  • Understand the ways gender and sexuality have structured, and been structured by, intellectual and social traditions; and
  • Analyze how issues of gender and sexuality intersect with other structures of power, such as race and class.

The learning goals of this major are consistent with the institutionally expected student learning outcomes of the College in that it promotes an understanding of cultural diversity, encourages critical thinking, and enhances students’ communication skills in both written and oral forms. Assessment of student learning will take place in the capstone (GSWS 400) using a rubric that will be developed by the coordinator and GSWS faculty.