This major recognizes literature as a distinct discipline beyond national boundaries and combines the study of any two literatures from the areas of English, French, German, and Spanish. Students can thus explore two literatures widely and intensively at the upper levels of course offerings within each of the respective departments while developing and applying skills in foreign languages. This major is an excellent preparation for graduate study in either of the two literatures studied or in comparative literature.

The major requires a minimum of six literature courses, equally divided between the two literatures concerned. Beyond these six, the major must include at least two additional courses from among those counting toward a major in the departments involved. Students work closely in consultation with a faculty member from each of the literatures concerned to design their program.

Learning Goals

Students who major in Comparative Literature can expect to achieve the following learning goals:

  • Demonstrate familiarity with the literatures and cultures of two languages
  • Speak both languages in a way intelligible to native speakers, including the ability to converse comfortably on general topics
  • Compose a clear thesis and organize information effectively in compositions in both languages
  • Demonstrate mastery of the conventions of mechanics, grammar, spelling, capitalization, and citation in both languages

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