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Robert Nguyen

Robert Nguyen


B.A., Fordham University
M.A., The Pennsylvania State University
M.A., Fordham University
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University



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Assistant Professor of English

Robert Nguyen is an Assistant Professor of English, teaching courses in composition and Asian American Literature. His research interests include media studies, SF, and Asian American studies and his work has been published in Configurations and the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts.

In his book project, “Silicon Valley Stories: Reckonings, Recursions, and Infinite Loops,” he argues that film, television, and literary depictions of the technology industry in the 2010s mediate a nostalgia for earlier periods in computing history and an attendant conflation between technological innovation, social progress, and neoliberalism. This mediation occurs through not only form and narrative, but also through the design and representation of fictional and fictionalized media systems.