Parent Networking & Mentoring Program

Do you believe networking with other quality professionals can enhance or redirect your career? Would you like to do something positive to assist the students of Lycoming College? We believe these two goals are very compatible, which is why we are committed to developing a Career Services parent/student networking/mentoring program.

This platform will be used to assist students in networking and mentoring, with the long term goal of creating new and exciting career possibilities for you and the students.

We are sure everyone will benefit from this program, so please register to be a Mentor in your chosen field today.

Become a Mentor

Mentor Role

Mentors make themselves available to current students who have questions about their field of expertise. They may assist in resume reviews and feedback, speak about their profession, provide informational interviews, provide/assist with job shadowing opportunities, and help to make networking connections for those who need them most. When registering to become involved with this program, you identify what areas you are most interested in being involved and what time(s) of the year are most conducive to your schedule.

Members of Parent Lyco should be willing to be available to students via Skype, phone and email. Personal information of Parent Lyco members will not be made available on the website, rather those interested in interfacing with students will contact Career Services and the two will be put in touch with one another.

Yes! Please Connect Me with a Mentor