What Is An Internship?

For specific information on obtaining an internship, please visit or contact the Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences, (570) 321-4602.

What is an internship?

An internship is a course jointly sponsored by the College and a public or private agency or subdivision of the College in which a student is able to earn college credit by participating in some active capacity as an assistant, aide, or apprentice. At least one-half of the effort expended by the intern should consist of academic work related to agency situations.

The objectives of the Internship Program at Lycoming College are:

  • to further the development of a central core of values, awareness's, strategies, skills, and information through experiences outside the classroom or other campus situations; and
  • to facilitate the integration of theory and practice by encouraging students to relate their on-campus academic experiences more directly to society in general and to possible career and other post-baccalaureate objectives in particular.

Any junior or senior student in good academic standing may petition the Committee on Individual Studies for approval to serve as an intern. A maximum of 16 credits can be earned through the Internship Program. Guidelines for program development, assignment of tasks and academic requirements such as exams, papers, reports, grades, etc., are established in consultation with a faculty director at Lycoming and an agency supervisor at the place of internship.

Why explore an internship?

  • Internships give students real world experience
  • Internships provide the opportunity to test drive career options and interests
  • Internships develop valuable professional and networking contacts
  • Internships help ease the transition from college to the workplace
  • Internships apply classroom theory to practical situations
  • Internships enhance interpersonal and communication skills needed for a corporate or agency environment
  • Internships help students acquire real-world knowledge and skillsets
  • Interns, by performing responsibly in a chosen field, help establish or enhance their professional work history
  • Interns gain the work experience that employers actively seek when hiring employees

Students with diverse majors have participated in a wide variety of internships, including ones with NBC Television in New York City, the Allenwood Federal Prison Camp, Pennsylvania State Department of Environmental Resources, Lycoming County Historical Society, the American Cancer Society, business and accounting firms, law offices, hospitals, social service agencies, banks and Congressional offices.