Current Issue: 2013

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2012 Freshman Writing & Research Prize Winner

BIO 321W: Newman

The Identification of Aeromonas hydrophila subsp. ranae and Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

By Jessica Hoffman ('15)



ANTH 234: Adams

Clothing and Social Status

By Casey Huber ('15)



ARCH 449W: Gaber

The Archaeology of Tell Ras Shamra 

By Lucas Reckling ('12)



ART 222: Golahny

A Stroll through a Gallery by Joyce Michaud

By Cory Trego ('14)


ART 447W: Golahny

Press Start: Video Games As Art 

By Erin Gavin ('14)


Corporate Communication

CCOM 400W: Donati

The Utility of Humor in Leadership Communication

By Rachel Richardson ('13)


Criminal Justice & Criminology

CJCR 300: Richmond

DUI Penalties: The Effectiveness of Pennsylvania's Drinking and Driving Laws

By Keri Ritter ('14)


CJCR 447W: Richmond

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Crime Briefing Report

By Jonathan Bradford ('13)


Digital Media Communication

DCOM 151: Peterson

Adrian Piper: A Catalyst for Social Change

By Dwayne Hallager ('15)



ECON 236W: Moorhouse

Crime and the Great Depression

By Cody Marshall ('14)



EDUC 339W: Rogers

Philosophy of Education

By Alexander Towle ('13)


EDUC 338I: Rogers

Book Talk & Author Study

By Amy Cline ('13) 


SPED 230: Macy

Movie Review: My Left Foot

By Alexis Naugle ('15)  


English Composition

ENGL 107: Hawkes

The Inheritance I Have Neglected 

By Bridget Bellmore ('15)


English Literature

ENGL 335W: Preston

Thirty Pilgrims and Two Cities: Approaching The Canterbury Tales through an Augustinian Route

By Hannah Halter ('15)


ENGL 421: Leiter

Penetrating or Being Penetrated: The Use of Temple Drake and Drusilla Hawk as Phallic Symbols

By Amanda Edens ('13)



HIST 449W: Larson

The Roots of Free Press: The Rebellion of the Printers in the American Revolution

By Lauren Reitnouer ('13)



MUS 128: Gunderson

Influences of Modern Sacred Music

By Laura Anderson ('13)



PHIL 219W: Jacques

Formal Writing Assignment

By Daniel Diehl ('14)


PHIL 227: Young

The Link Between God and Morality

By Timothy Kocher ('14)


Physics & Astronomy

PHYS 338W: Fisher

Diffraction of Electrons into Two Concentric Rings

By Taylor Modica ('14)


PHYS 338W: Fisher

The Determination of Quantum Dot Radii in Various Solutions

By Samuel Rhodes ('14)


ASTR Senior Project: Fisher

Kepler Mission Report

By Taylor Modica ('14)


Political Science

PSCI 362: Payne

The Irgun Zvai Leumi: From Terrorists to Politicians

By Brandon Sellers ('13)



PSY 336W: Olsen

"Multiple Systems" versus Dissociative Identity Disorder: Lifestyle or Mental Illness? 

By Megan Sullivan ('14)


Departmental Honors Project

Caffeine, Mental Health, and Sleep Quality in Students: A Mediation Approach

By Shannon Lesher ('13)



REL 113: Knauth

God's Bride: Israel

By Hershey Millner ('16)


REL 120: Hughes

Funeral Project

By Anna Marie Rittmiller ('13)



Departmental Honors Project

La historia de la Guerra Civil Espanola

By Elisa Becker ('13)



THEA 332I: Stanley

The Architecture of Blackfriars Theatre and Society 

By Nathan Bahn ('15)


Women's and Gender Studies

Submission for 2013 Holly E. Hurlbert Research & Writing Prize

The Double Standard: The Line between Pleasure and Stigma in American Culture 

By Maranda Poe ('14)


Cover photo for 2013 issue by Bridget Bellmore ('15)


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