Computer Lab Policy

General Usage

No food or drink in the labs

Placing unauthorized software on the system is prohibited

File Storage

Storing files anywhere on a computer's hard drive is prohibited. Any unauthorized files found on the system will be deleted. Students are responsible for making frequent backups.

Do Not Steal Software

Unauthorized copying and reproduction of copyrighted software is a violation of Federal and State laws and in prohibited. Intentional destruction and/or alteration of any systems data or program files is also a violation of Federal and State laws and will result in the loss of computer lab privileges.

Computer Use

Computer use is open to all Lycoming students, faculty and staff. Computer use may be reserved for a specific class at certain times (see lab schedule) and is limited to members of that class, unless authorized by the instructor, during those times. A computer that has been left unattended for more than 10 minutes will be considered unused and available.

User IDs and Passwords

User ID's and Passwords are critical to network management. It is improper to (1) log in with or use someone else's user ID, even with permission (2) access someone else's data without permission.

Lab Monitors

Lab monitors do not make rules or schedules, but they are responsible for enforcing them. Please be courteous to monitors and do your part to see that the lab runs smoothly for everyone. Please leave the lab promptly at closing time. Monitors do not know every software program on the system. If you are having trouble understanding a program, check your textbook, class notes, program manuals, or ask your professor.


Each lab is outfitted with a multi-function laser printer.You may use these printers for generating multiple copies of the same document.


If you have any questions about any of these polices or about computing on campus, please see the lab monitor or call the computer center at #4150.


If your work is being interrupted by another user who is misusing one of our computer systems, you should first bring it to the attention of the lab monitor. The lab monitor will then contact the computer center at #4150 if the misuse occurs between 8:00am and 4:30pm. If the misuse occurs outside of these hours the monitor will then contact security at #4064.