Information Technology Services (ITS) FAQ

General Support and Services

(Questions, Email, storage, WiFi):

How do I report a problem?

ITS Offices are open 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. M-F, 570-321-4150,

  • Instructional/Technology support in Academic Center 2nd Floor, x4388
    • M-F 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. | Sat. 1 – 5 p.m. | Sun. 1 – 8 p.m.
  • After-hours emergencies contact Safety and Security

Can I reference IT information online?

On the Web at

  • Click on “Faculty and Staff” to expand topics

How do I reset my password on my own?

How do I access email?

Where can I find internal campus news and resources?

Who do we contact for information updates on

  • Content change requests go to the Department of Marketing and Communications
  • ITS has a web developer on staff that works directly with Marketing and Communications on website enhancements

How do I print?

Where can I store my documents on the network?

  • Students, Faculty, and Staff are provided secure/backed up storage on our network
  • Logged in Windows users will see an F:\ drive called HOME (for students, it is H:\)
  • Mac users will connect to LycoFS01

Can I connect to network storage from off-campus?

Can I use cloud-based storage for my documents?

  • The only cloud-based storage we currently recommend and support is the Lycoming College connection to Office 365.  If you’d like to use OneDrive in Office 365, please send a request to  We will then assist you in setting up that cloud-based storage solution.

How do I connect my personal phone, tablet, or other device to the college WiFi?

How do I make a long distance call with my office phone?

  • A Telephone Access Code (TAC) number is needed for personal calls. Contact x4150 or if needed.

What other telephone resources are available?

  • Voicemail access on and off campus or via email.
  • Student mobile numbers are collected during registration
  • Conference phones  - available by request to x4150 or

Teaching Resources

(Labs, tech-enabled classrooms, reservation tech):

Do you have a Learning Management System I can use with my course(s)?

How many computer labs and classrooms provide technology?

  • Computer Labs:  6 -Windows 8.1, 1-Mixed graphics lab with Apple/Mac, 1-Digital Media Lab with all Apple/Mac
  • Technology-Enabled Classrooms: 75 with projectors/monitors
  • Tablets, laptops, clickers, projectors available for reservation and deployment.  Please contact Steve Caravaggio for assistance scheduling or using any of these resources at or x4153
  • Library databases available on or off campus
  • Minimum of 30 days to get new software loaded in labs/classroom
  • Contact Steve Caravaggio to schedule a computer lab for class.  Schedules displayed outside lab spaces

Who can I contact for support in integrating technology into my instruction?

Who do I contact with questions on projection equipment in the classroom?

Can I borrow video equipment to create content in class?

Administrative Resources:

How do I access administrative data (rosters, grade input, budget information, student locator, etc.)?

  • Via myLyco – then click on Webadvisor under “Quick Links”

How do I gain access to the Ellucian Colleague system?

  • The Colleague User Interface (UI) is primarily used by staff who work directly with the Ellucian Colleague system.
  • Permission and access are granted upon supervisor approval in writing.

How are budgets for new technology purchases developed?

  • Requests for new equipment are sent to faculty in November, and staff in December
  • Academic Computing Committee and the Computer Replacement Taskforce meet in January/February
  • Approval of request is communicated in late April.  Some lab/classroom purchases in April with the rest after July 1
  • Software in the Labs – minimum of a complete computer lab is required