Institute For Management Studies (IMS) And Management Scholars Program

Professor: Madresehee (Director) 

The purpose of the Institute for Management Studies is to enhance the educational opportunities for students majoring or minoring in accounting, business administration, or economics. It does this by offering an expanded internship program, special seminars on important management topics, student involvement in faculty research and professional projects, executive development seminars, and a Management Scholars program for academically talented students (described below). In addition, the IMS hosts guest speakers and conferences on current management issues.

The IMS also offers an exchange program for business, accounting and economics students with the Westminster Business School (WBS) which is part of the University of Westminster system located in London. WBS is located in the heart of London on Marylebone Road near Regents Park. Eligible students who participate in the program will spend one semester in London taking a full schedule of classes in such areas as international business, management, accounting and economics. The credits received will then be transferred back to Lycoming College. Eligible WBS students are also permitted to study at Lycoming College for one semester.

All students who have a declared major or minor in accounting, business administration, or economics and who are in good academic standing are automatically members of the IMS. However, the IMS Director may invite or permit other students to join the IMS who do not meet the first criterion, such as freshmen who have not yet declared a major or minor.

Team-taught interdisciplinary seminar under the direction of the IMS faculty. A different interdisciplinary topic relevant to students in all three IMS departments is offered at least once a year. Completion of two semesters required by the Management Scholars Program. One-quarter unit of credit. Prerequisite: Membership in the Management Scholars Program or consent of  IMS Director. May be repeated for credit.

A practicum in which students work as interns for businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations in the Williamsport area and locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Washington, D.C., and other places. Reading, writing and research assignments vary by the credit value of the experience. Enrollments are limited to the numbers of available placements. Internships can be full or part-time, paid or unpaid positions. Students may receive one to eight semester hours of credit based on arrangements made prior to taking this internship and the approval of the IMS Director. Prerequisite: Membership in the Institute for Management Studies and consent of the Director. May be repeated for a maximum of 16 credits.

An extensive international business experience that will studies how and why businesses go global, with special emphasis on financial, marketing and management issues. In addition, the course explores how local business culture affects the management of a company. The activities include site visits to businesses and organizations, lectures and assigned cultural activities. Assignments include preparatory reading before the start of class, written reports while in Europe and final project that focuses on a particular topic of interest. The research paper is due after return. The course takes place in London with a side trip to another European city. 

IMS Scholars Program

The IMS sponsors a Management Scholars Program for academically talented students in the three IMS departments. To join the Management Scholars Program, a student must satisfy the following criteria:

a) Have a declared major or minor in one or more of the IMS departments. However, the IMS Director may invite or permit other students to join the Management Scholars Program who do not meet this criterion, such as freshmen who have not yet declared a major or minor.
b) Have an overall GPA of 3.25 or higher, or exhibit strong academic potential if the student is a first-semester freshman. 

To graduate as a Management Scholar, a student must meet the following criteria:

a) Successfully complete two semester-hours of Management Scholar Seminars.
b) Successfully complete a major or minor in one of the three IMS departments.
c) Graduate with a GPA of 3.25 or higher in both overall college work, and within an IMS major and/or minor.
d) Successfully complete an appropriate internship, practicum or independent study, or complete a special project approved by the IMS Director.

At least one Management Scholar Seminar is taught per academic year on an interdisciplinary topic of relevance to students in all three IMS departments. The seminars are normally offered as one semester-hour courses and do not result in overload charges for full-time students.

Students who are currently Lycoming College Scholars may also become Management Scholars and participate in both programs.