Job Connections

Being a part of Lycoming's alumni network opens up a world of opportunities. Whether through networking, job recommendations, or directly hiring another graduate, we are so proud when alumni are able to help other Lycoming graduates as they navigate their careers.

If you know of an opportunity that could benefit the alumni community, let us know!

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Ritz-Craft is a family of companies owned by Lycoming College graduates Paul John '85 and Eric John '90. The business specializes in the construction of system-built/modular homes and services over 26 states and Ontario, Canada. The company has diversified as a cabinet manufacturer, Legacy Crafted Cabinets, a building products company, Legacy Building Products and a home transportation company, Ritz-Trans. Paul and Eric's newest endeavor is the construction of a multi-level brewery, restaurant and event facility in Mifflinburg, known as Rusty Rail Brewing Company.


  • Craig Rodabaugh '78 - Sales Manager, Legacy Crafted Cabinets
  • Paul John '85 - co-owner, President/CEO, Ritz-Craft
  • Eric John '90 - co-owner, Vice-President, Ritz-Craft
  • Brook Bindus '95 - Operations Manager, Ritz-Craft of Michigan
  • Myles Biggs '12 - Assistant Director of Marketing, Ritz-Craft
  • Zach John '13 - Territory Sales Representative for New England, Ritz-Craft of PA
  • Pat Kalish '14 - Territory Sales Representative for New York, Ritz-Craft of PA
  • Aaron Slagle '15 - Internal Sales Administrator, Ritz-Craft of PA

Why Lycoming?

"In order to be successful within the Ritz-Craft family of companies, employees have to be both technically proficient in their immediate duties and maintain a certain level of cultural awareness and understanding in order to effectively communicate within our companies and with our customers. These are things only a Liberal Arts education can offer. Both of Ritz-Craft's owners graduated from Lycoming College and so have several other employees. During the hiring process this offers a certain level of comfort - we know what sort of classes they took; we know who their professors were; we know the sports teams they were part of and we know the clubs they helped to lead while on campus. We hire Lycoming College graduates because we know they can multitask, they can pick up new skills quickly and they can successfully interact with people from a multitude of different backgrounds."

Maxim Healthcare Services

Caitlin Knowles ’12 informed Lycoming of an open position at the company for whom she works. She helped Jessica Evans ’12 learn more about the position. Jessica was interviewed and hired thanks to Caitlin’s consideration!

Auto Trakk

A subprime automobile leasing company led by Marshall Welch III, a Lycoming College Trustee, Auto Trakk works with customers with an indirect model: automobile owners are contracted by partner automobile dealerships. The company specializes in leasing to customers with very low credit scores – average FICOs of 500 and is unique with a weekly lease product and starter interrupt device.


  • Tyler Sones ’00 - Senior Underwriter
  • Desiree Krauser ’04 - Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Kenneth Berry '06- Underwriter
  • Marshall Winters ’08- Chief Financial Officer
  • Melissa Pennycoff ’13 Underwriter
  • Cody Giles ’14- Underwriter
  • Austin Smith ’14 - Underwriter
  • Amber Wright ’14 - Staff Accountant
  • Marshall Welch III – Chief Executive Officer, Trustee of Lycoming College

Why Lycoming?

"I can’t speak highly enough about hiring Lycoming College Alumni. They come well prepared for our rapidly changing and entrepreneurial environment. Many of them have differentiated themselves quickly and climbed to positions of greater responsibility. It’s our goal to provide Lycoming Alumni and all our employees a rewarding career in the Williamsport area. We value our partnership with Lycoming College and look forward to hiring many more graduates."