Long Range Planning Home

The purpose of the Long Range Planning Committee is to address the need for more comprehensive, long-term planning at Lycoming College. By convening a group of individuals on campus that represents a variety of perspectives and functional areas, the Long-Range Planning Committee strives to achieve the following goals:

  1. Establish a common conception of institution-wide issues that impact long-term decision making.
  2. Understand how Lycoming operates, the merits and risks of that approach, and how the college compares to other similar institutions.
  3. Communicate with campus members about the issues discussed and inform the college community at large about data and interpretations relevant to long-term decisions.
  4. Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding long-range decisions.
  5. Create a mechanism in which Lycoming's response to long-range decisions will be institutionalized rather than specific to individuals.

The members of the Long Range Planning Committee invite you to learn more about the work of our committee and how the college compares to other institutions by reviewing the resources available such as summary reports and accreditation materials. In addition, information regarding the College's comparison group - the National Liberal Arts 25 (LA25) - can also be found on these pages.