Environmental Science

The Environmental Science program at Lycoming College is housed within the Biology Department. The program is an interdisciplinary minor with required courses in Economics, Geology and Biology. Lycoming College maintains a cooperative program with Duke University's Environmental Science & Forestry program. In addition, field trips or courses are offered at the Marine Science Consortium at Wallops Island and the Roatan Institute of Marine Science (RIMS) lab in the Bay Islands of Honduras (see courses). The capstone of the program is the required Environmental Practica class. In this course, students work in research projects or internships on a variety of environmental issues or problems.

Current long-term projects include the monitoring of white-tail deer exclosure at Rider Park and PP&L's Montour Preserve. Students are also involved in deer population studies at Rider Park, Montour Preserve and the 11,000 acre Williamsport Water Authority Watershed. Other projects have involved banding saw-whet owls during fall and spring migration for ProjectOwlNet, Monarch Butterfly Watch, Goldenrod gall fly ecology, small mammal population studies and numerous aquatic projects under Lycoming College's Clean Water Institute. Professional affiliations include the Keystone Stream Team, Pennsylvania Association for Watersheds and Rivers (POWR), North Central PA Conservancy, PA Consortium for Interdisciplinary Policy and, of course, our own Clean Water Institute.

Sustainability at Lycoming