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Dr. Chriss E. McDonald
Professor and
Department Chair
Department of Chemistry
Lycoming College
Williamsport, PA 17701
Phone: (570) 321-4186
FAX: (570) 321-4073

Heim 233, Campus Box # 152

Send E-mail to: mcdonald@lycoming.edu

B.S., Manchester College
Ph.D., Miami University of Ohio

    General Chemistry I (CHEM 110)
    General Chemistry II  (CHEM 111)
    Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 220)
    Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 221)
    Advanced Organic Chemistry (CHEM 440)
    Spectroscopy and Molecular Structure (CHEM 442)
    Chemistry Research Methods (CHEM 449)

Research: Synthesis of Organic Molecules
Research concentrates on developing new synthetic methodologies for oxygenated functionalities. Ongoing projects include: the use of carbohydrates as starting materials for the synthesis of biologically interesting natural products; oxidation of carbamates by N-halosuccinimides; and generating novel oxidatively removable protecting groups for alcohols.

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