Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences Staff

Associate Provost for Experiential Learning

Susan Ross

Susan M. Ross, Ph.D.

Associate provost for experiential learning

Serves as the director for the Center for Enhanced Academic Experiences, the first-year seminar program, and the distinctive residential system. Read more.

Career Advisers

Anne Landon

Anne Landon

Career adviser for Institute for Management Studies, Business Administration, Accounting and Economics. Read more.


Lori Lyons

Lori Lyons

Career adviser for Sociology/Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Archaeology, and Psychology. Read more.


Dr. Lisa Mondell

Lisa Mondell, Psy.D.

Career advisor for the STEM fields


Stephanie Lovell

Stephanie Lovell

Career advisor for Arts and Humanities


Global Experiences Coordinator

Allison Holladay

Allison Holladay

Coordinator of Study Abroad and Travel Courses. Read more.