Social and Economic Justice

Assistant Professor: Adams (Coordinator)

The Social and Economic Justice minor is designed to provide students with a framework to address the causes, consequences, and expressions of social and economic inequalities. The core curriculum consists of either ECON 110 or ANTH 334, either SOC 240 or HIST 338, and either PHIL 334 or PSCI 242. In addition to these core courses, students are also required to take three electives from the following list. The three electives must be from at least two different departments. Students are free to take additional core courses as electives, but a course may not count as both a core course and an elective.

ANTH 230      Anthropology of Latin America
ANTH 232      Environmental Anthropology
ANTH 334      Economic Anthropology
ARHI 339       Gender and Identity in Art
BUS 313         Sustainable Business Management
CJCR 242       Organizational Crime
CJCR 334       Race, Class, Gender and Crime
ECON 110      Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 224      Urban Problems
ECON 332      Government and the Economy
ECON 335      Labor Economics
ECON 337      Public Finance
ENGL 229      African American Literature
ENGL 334      Women and Literature
FILM 300       Film and Social Change
HIST 221        Latin America
HIST 230        African American History
HIST 232        The Rise of Islam
HIST 246        Africa and the World
HIST 338        Rights, Reform, and Protest
PHIL 115        Philosophy and Public Policy
PHIL 334        Contemporary Political Philosophy
PSCI 241        Politics of Developing Countries
PSCI 242        Human Rights
PSCI 331        Civil Rights and Liberties
PSCI 342        Civil Conflict
REL 331         Christian Social Ethics
SOC 240         Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality
SOC 305         Sociology of Law
WGST 200      Gendered Perspectives