Scholars Program (SCHOL)

Associate Professor: Chandler (Director)

The Lycoming College Scholars Program is a special program designed to meet the needs and aspirations of highly motivated students of superior intellectual ability. Lycoming Scholars satisfy the College’s distribution requirements with more challenging courses than students not in the Scholars Program are required to complete. (Substitutions to the Distribution Requirements for Scholars can be made only by successful application to the Committee on Academic Standards with a supporting signature by the Scholars Council Director.) Lycoming Scholars also participate in special interdisciplinary seminars and in an independent study culminating in a senior presentation. The Scholars Seminar is a 1 credit course, and does not result in overload charges for full-time students.

Team taught interdisciplinary seminar held each semester under the direction of the Lycoming Scholars Council. May be repeated for credit. Completion of five semesters is required by the Scholars Program. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Lycoming Scholars Program.  1 credit.

During the senior year, Lycoming Scholars complete independent studies or departmental honors projects. These projects are presented to scholars and faculty in the senior seminar. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Lycoming Scholars Program. Non-credit course.