Assistant Professors:  Gilbertson, Morrison (Coordinators) 

The neuroscience minor is designed for students in any major who are interested in theory and research on the mind, brain, and nervous system.  It requires a minimum of six courses.  The two required courses, Neurobiology and Biological Psychology, provide students with an interdisciplinary approach to the fundamental structure and function of the brain that includes laboratory experiences across the breadth of current neuroscience research.  These core courses train students to access, read, and critically analyze primary neuroscience literature, develop hypotheses, design and carry out experiments, analyze data, present the results, and engage in discussion of ethical issues related to neuroscience research.  The four elective courses allow students to explore interdisciplinary developments in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, philosophy, physics, psychology, and sociology that enrich and extend our understanding of the brain and of human thought and behavior.

The minor requires 6 courses, including at least 3 courses outside the student’s major.

2 core courses required for all neuroscience minors:
BIO 337           Neurobiology
PSY 433          Biological Psychology 

Plus 4 elective courses chosen from:
BIO 222                       Genetics
BIO 323                       Human Physiology 
BIO 347                        Immunology 
BIO 342                       Animal Behavior       
BIO 439                       Medical Genetics     
BIO 435                       Cell Biology (recommended) 
BIO 447                       Cell and Molecular Biology Research Methods
BIO 444/CHEM 444   Biochemistry  
CHEM 110                    Intro to Chemistry I    (recommended)
CHEM 220                   Organic Chemistry I  
CHEM 444/BIO 444    Biochemistry  
CPTR 125                      Introduction to Computer Science    
PHIL 330                       Knowledge and Reality
PHIL 333                       Philosophy of Natural Science
PHYS 225                     Fundamentals of Physics I
PHYS 226                     Fundamentals of Physics II
PSY 237                        Cognition    
PSY 242                        Drugs, Behavior, and Society
PSY 331                        Research Methods in Psychology  
PSY 352                         Health Psychology     
PSY 432                         Sensation and Perception
SOC 310                        Medical Sociology
Independent Studies or Honors Thesis Research Projects in Biology or Psychology:
N80-N89                      Independent Study    
490-491                        Independent Study for Departmental Honors                       

Note:  Independent Studies and Honors Thesis projects require advance consultation with the project advisor and both Neuroscience Minor coordinators, and advance approval of a formal application by the Individual Studies Committee.  Research projects outside of Biology and Psychology may be considered for fulfillment of the minor requirements, with advance permission of the coordinators.

Experimental or topics courses may be considered for inclusion in the minor, with advance approval from the coordinators.


Students should design their Neuroscience minor in consultation with a program coordinator.  Students are encouraged to schedule the two required courses before beginning their senior year when course rotations allow.  Students are also encouraged to attend neuroscience-related presentations at BIO 449 Biology Colloquium during each of their four years of study.

Students planning to attend graduate school are strongly encouraged to take CHEM 220 Organic Chemistry I and BIO 444/CHEM 444 Biochemistry, and to complete an Independent Study or Honors Project in Biology or Psychology.