International Studies (INST)

Assistant Professor: Payne (Coordinator)

The International Studies major is a ten-course interdisciplinary major. It includes a core set of six courses which every student must take. The core courses draw from five different departments and provide students with a truly interdisciplinary experience. This core is combined with a flexible set of electives, which simultaneously prepares students to meet their individual future goals. Specifically, students can complete the final four courses of the major in one of three ways: (1) they may take a more general approach in which they  take courses which focus on broad transnational and global issues, or they may choose to pursue either the (2) Developed Countries Area focus or the (3) Developing Countries Area focus.

The major is designed to integrate an understanding of the changing social, political, and historical environment of Europe today with study of Europe in its relations to the rest of the world, particularly the United States. It stresses the international relations of the North Atlantic community and offers the student opportunity to emphasize either European studies or international relations. The program provides multiple perspectives on the cultural traits that shape popular attitudes and institutions. Study of a single country is included as a data-base for comparisons, and study of its language as a basis for direct communication with its people.

The program is intended to prepare students either for graduate study or for careers which have an international component. International obligations are increasingly assumed by government agencies and a wide range of business, social, religious, and educational organizations. Opportunities are found in the fields of journalism, publishing, communications, trade, banking, advertising, management, and tourism. The program also offers flexible career preparation in a variety of essential skills, such as research, data analysis, report writing, language skills, and the awareness necessary for dealing with people and institutions of another culture. Preparation for related careers can be obtained through the guided selection of courses outside the major in the areas of business, economics, foreign languages and literatures, government, history, and international relations or through a second major. Students should design their programs in consultation with members of the Committee on International Studies.

The International Studies program also encourages participation in study abroad programs such as the affiliate programs in England, France, Germany and Spain, as well as the Washington and United Nations semesters.

The Major consists of ten courses, which comprise a core set of six required courses and four electives.

Core Courses:

All students must complete ECON 343, HIST 116, PSCI 160, INST 449, and a Modern Language Studies sequence of 221 plus one course numbered 222 or above (excluding 311).


Students must complete the major by taking four electives in one of the following three areas: Transnational and Global Issues, Developed Countries, or Developing Countries.

Option 1: Transnational & Global Issues

Choose four courses from at least two departments.

ANTH 229 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 234 Economic Anthropology
BUS 333 Global Business Strategies
HIST 215 Conflict in Western Civilization
PHIL 334 Contemporary Political Philosophy
PSCI 242 Human Rights
PSCI 261 International Organizations
PSCI 361 International War
PSCI 362 Terrorism
REL 110 Introduction to World Religions

Option 2: Developed Countries

Choose four courses from at least two departments.

FRN 311 Francophone Cultures        
GERM 311 Modern Germany     
HIST 218 Europe in the Era of the World Wars 
HIST 219 Contemporary Europe           
HIST 320 Diplomatic History of Europe Since 1789        
PHIL 303 Modern Philosophy
PSCI 140 Comparative Politics
SPAN 311 Hispanic Culture

Option 3: Developing Countries

Choose four courses from at least two departments.

ANTH 230 Anthropology of Latin America
FRN 311 Francophone Culture
HIST 120 Latin American History
HIST 232 The Rise of Islam 
HIST 246 Africa and the World
PSCI 241 Politics of Developing Countries
PSCI 342 Civil Conflict
REL 211 Judaic Studies: Talmud to Today
REL 212 Islam
REL 225 Asian Religions  
SPAN 311 Hispanic Culture  

INST 449
A one-semester seminar, taken in the senior year, in which students and several faculty members pursue an integrative topic in the field of international studies. Students work to some extent independently. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.