Spring Semester Questions

What is the due date for the Spring 2016 bill?

The Spring 2016 bill is due December 11, 2015.

How can I pay the balance due on my bill?

Log into WebAdvisor via the myLyco portal to pay the balance due on your account.  VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted for tuition and fees paid over the web. When a credit card is used, a convenience fee of 2.75% will be charged in addition to the tuition and fees.

E-checks are available without a convenience fee. Similar to a debit card, e-check electronically debits a checking or savings account.  

My parents are responsible for paying my tuition bill. How can my parents/authorized payers log in and view the bill?

People other than the student may have the ability to view the bill as an authorized payer. Students must set up authorized payers in the system. Students will login to the Lycoming College QuikPAY website via the myLyco portal, select WebAdvisor, then Financial Information and "View Statement/Make Payment". Once in QuikPAY select "Authorize Payer" on the navigation bar.

Follow the online instructions to create a user name and temporary password for the authorized payer.  Authorized payers will receive an automated email notification with the login name informing them that they have been authorized. The student will provide the password to the authorized payer. Each billing cycle, both the student and authorized payer(s) will receive an email notifying them that the eBill has been sent. Students and Authorized Payers receive a link in their email that takes them directly to the QuikPAY login page.

Authorized Payer

How can my parents/authorized payer pay the bill?

Once the authorized payer is established they can make payments through Make Payment. Credit card, checking and savings account information from a bank within the United States can be entered at the QuikPAY website and payments will be transferred electronically to Lycoming College. You will have the option to have the site retain your bank account information or you may enter it each time you make an online payment.

No one else will be able to view a payee’s confidential account information, not even the student. In the interest of security and privacy, each authorized payer is assigned a separate login and password to access their account and payment history.

Authorized Payer

Can I pay by paper check?

Paying electronically is the preferred bill payment method but it is optional. You may send payments by mail or pay in person in Long Hall at Lycoming College. To send a check or money order through the mail, please print a copy of the bill, detach the top portion of the statement and mail it with the payment (payable to Lycoming College) to:

Lycoming College
Business Office
700 College Place
Williamsport, PA 17701

Do I need to pay my bill in full by the due date?

No. You have the option of making arrangements to pay your Spring tuition and fees using the monthly payment plan administered by Higher One®

Call 1-800-635-0120 or go to https://tuitionpaymentplan.com/lycoming to register on-line.

Will I be charged a LATE FEE if my bill is not paid by the due date?

Yes. If the bill is not paid and/or loans approved and ready for disbursement, (College certified) a $25 late fee will be posted to your student account.


Why haven't I receive a paper copy of my statement at my home address?

Lycoming College does not send paper statements. Students and their authorized payers can access and print a statement online. Students must log into WebAdvisor to access their online statement.  Authorized payers can access the student's statement online by going to the link below and entering their login name and password.  

Authorized Payer Payment

What are the charges on the middle section of my bill?

Entries include recent charges and credits for the Fall Semester, and charges and credits for the Spring Semester. The total of these entries and any balance carried forward are used to arrive at the "Statement Balance."

What is a Stafford Loan?

A Federal Stafford Loan is a low-interest, government sponsored loan available to students. Go to http://www.lycoming.edu/financialAid/loans.aspx for more information on the Federal Stafford Loan.

What if my Stafford Loans do not appear under my Estimated Aid?

Federal Stafford Loans which were processed (and certified by the Financial Aid Office) at the time the statement was upload will be listed in this section for one-half of your total loan less the approximate origination or guarantee fee. The Financial Aid office is unable to approve a Stafford Loan until an Entrance Counseling session and Master Promissory Note is on file. If you completed the online MPN and Entrance Counseling session and it still does not appear, contact Financial Aid at (570) 321-4040 for assistance.

What if I need additional loan funds to cover my balance?

Parents can apply for a Federal Parent Plus Loan. The Federal Parent PLUS Loan is a low-interest, government sponsored loan available to parents of dependent students. Go to http://www.lycoming.edu/financialaid/loans.aspx for more information regarding the Parent Plus Loan.

Will paying my Spring semester balance in December have any effect on the person claiming me on their taxes for 2015?

The American Opportunity Tax Credit American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) and Lifetime Learning Credit may be available to students, and taxpayers claiming students as dependents on their federal income tax returns for certain qualifying educational costs.

Although College personnel are not in a position to offer specific tax advice, it is suggested that any questions regarding the applicability of these credits as well as the appropriate timing to make qualified tuition expense payments for Spring term 2016 in your particular situation be directed to your tax advisor prior to January 1, 2016. You can also go to the IRS website http://www.irs.ustreas.gov/ for additional information on the tax credits.