Lycoming College's Monthly Payment Plan

Make paying tuition a little easier with a Tuition Payment Plan   

Lycoming College offers Tuition Payment Plans administered by Higher One as a convenient way to pay tuition!

Payment plans offer manageable ways to pay your tuition in monthly installments, rather than one lump sum, and can be used to cover your entire bill, or just the portion remaining after grants, loans, and financial aid.

Tuition Payment Plans Offer

More Time to Pay

Make tuition more manageable by paying in monthly installments over time.

Avoid High Interest Rates*

Unlike traditional loans, Tuition Payment Plans only charge a small fee at enrollment.

You can set up a plan to cover your entire bill, or just the portion remaining after grants, loans and financial aid.


1. Visit or select "Get Started" on the banner below

2. Choose "enroll now”

3. Select the option that is best for you

4. Follow the easy steps to complete your enrollment

If you have any questions about the plans, call 800-635-0120 and a specialist will be happy to assist you.


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* All available plans and applicable payment options, fees, and disclosures will be presented to you during enrollment. No interest (0% APR) is charged under any of the tuition payment plans. An application fee and other fees will apply.

The Tuition Payment Plan that was previously administered by Sallie Mae is now administered by Higher One. You may continue to see references to Sallie Mae on the enrollment site until it has been updated later this year. The Higher One name is a registered trademark of Higher One, Inc. All other names and logos are owned by their respective owners.

Common Mistake:

When enrolling in the annual payment plan using the figure from your Fall semester bill, be sure to double the amount due to cover the amount owed for the year.