Lycoming College Withdrawal Refund Policy

Students wishing to withdraw from the College during the semester should meet with the Dean for First-Year Students or the Assistant Dean of Academic Services to ensure that student financial and academic records are properly closed. The effective date of calculating refunds shall be: the date that the student begins the withdrawal process or provides official notification to the institution of his or her intent to withdraw; the midpoint of enrollment if the student drops out without notification to the institution; or the date, as determined by the institution, that the student withdraws due to illness or accident.

Students withdrawing will receive a prorated refund for tuition, fees, room and board, less an administrative fee of $100 and any unpaid charges, according to the following schedule:

During Week 1 90% 10%
During Week 2 80% 20%
During Week 3 70% 30%
During Week 4 60% 40%
During Week 5 50% 50%
During Week 6 40% 60%
After 6th Week 0% 100%

Please note that there is no refund after the sixth week of the semester. For Freshmen, the refund period will be extended into the week that early assessment grades are distributed to students and parents.

Comparative schedules apply to the May and Summer terms.

The calculated refund will be reduced by any unpaid charges. Any balance remaining will be billed to the student. Unpaid student account balances will be charged interest at the rate of 1% per month on the month end balance until the account is paid in full. Should legal collection become necessary, all costs of collection will be added to the balance due.

Lycoming College's institutional refund policy is distinct and different from the Federal Return of Title IV Funds policy. The adjustment of institutional financial aid will follow the Withdrawal Refund Policy stated above. The College is required to perform a Return of Title IV Funds calculation for all federal financial aid recipients who withdraw (officially or unofficially) from all classes on or before the 60% attendance point of the semester. Students who are subject to the return of any Title IV funds may result in a balance due to the College, Federal Government or both. See Federal Return of Title IV Funds Policy for further explanation on the return of federal funds.

Students who drop individual course(s) during the add/drop period will receive 100% adjustment to tuition and fees. Students who drop individual course(s) after the add/drop period will not receive any adjustment to tuition and fees.