Subject Tutoring by Appointment: Fall 2014

To set up appointments, simply email the tutors listed below. The list is updated frequently, so check back or email Shanna Wheeler.

Our subject tutors seek to foster independence in students as learners as they improve grade performance. Tutoring is FREE to Lycoming students and takes place in public areas on campus, such as Snowden Library or Pennington Lounge. You and the tutor can decide when and where you'll meet.

To prepare for your tutoring session, scroll down to "How to Make the Most of Your Appointment."

Tutors' names below are links to their email addresses. If you can't send an email by simply clicking on a name, you can view a tutor's email address by right-clicking on the name and selecting "Properties." You can also search for a tutor's email address using your Outlook Webmail account.

Questions? Contact Shanna Wheeler (570) 321-4392.

For the Math Department's tutoring schedule, click here.

Accounting Ngan Vu, Matt Mungiole
American Studies 200 Rebecca Reed
Anthropology Matthew Amendolara, Amber Seibel
Archaeology 159 Emily DiBiase, Jacqueline Croteau, Taylor Kendra
Archaeology 201 (not offered) N/A
Archaeology 353 / Art 0353 (not offered) N/A
Art 116 Contact Shanna Wheeler if you need a tutor for this class.
Art History 222 Danielle Grega
Art History 223 Alexandra (Lexie) Miller
Art 320 / DCOM 322 (not offered)
Amanda G. Miller (writing aspects)
Art - Commercial Design / Graphics Tierney (Gabe) Riggs (Art 430 / code), Laura Cinicola (art 430 / code), Nicole Silvia, Benjamin Leinaweaver
Astronomy 101-111 (one-on-one and group tutoring) Rachel Miller (Mon. 3:15-4:15 PM & Tues. 7-8 PM in Pennington), Kaitie Walker (Wed. & Thurs. 7-9 PM in Pennington)
Astronomy 102-112 (Geology) (not offered) Richard Matel-Galatis
Biology - writing aspects Jocelyn Owens (back up: Samantha Stropko)
Biology 106 Contact any of the Bio 110 tutors below.
Biology 107 (not offered) Contact any of the Bio 110 tutors below.
Biology 110 Erin Hale, Kristianne Weaver, Riley Zimmerman, Victoria Wilson, Nicole MarianelliJuanita (Cinnamin) Thompson-Quattlebaum, Alicia Kovach, Samantha Stropko
Biology 222 Kristianne Weaver, Nicole Marianelli, Lauren Gummo
Biology 224 Lynette Dooley
Biology 225 (not offered) N/A
Biology 321 (not offered) Samantha Stropko, Lauren Gummo,
Biology 323 Bayly Anderson
Biology 328 Lynette Dooley
Biology 347 (not offered) Nicole Marianelli 
Business 228 (Sterngold) Margaret Hervey
Business 228 (Kolb - not offered) N/A
Business 238 Carrie Tubbs, Colton Dershem, Anh Phan, Hieu Duong, Pierce Lawver
Business 242 (not offered)  N/A
Business 244 Hannah Smith, Shante Dennis
Business 339 (not offered) Hieu Duong
Business 348 (not offered) N/A
Business 410
Contact Shanna Wheeler if you need a tutor for this class.
Business 420 (not offered) N/A
Chemistry (General) Alicia Kovach, Veronica SmithSarah Jenny, Mallory Kern, Erin Hale, Chris McAtee, Rory McAtee, Bayly Anderson
Chemistry (Organic) Mallory Kern, Chris McAtee, Rory McAtee
Computer Science 125 Tai Nguyen, Lindsay Meyers, James Krizan
Computer Science 246 (not offered) Tai Nguyen
Computer Science 247 James Krizan, Tai Nguyen
Computer Science 345 (not offered) N/A
Corporate Communication Darrian McClellan
Criminal Justice-Criminology 100 Sarah Jenny
Criminal Justice-Criminology 300 Sarah Jenny (course content), Daniel Ryan (writing aspects)
Criminal Justice-Criminology 447 (not offered) Brittany Summers
Digital Media (Go to DCOM Lab) Karisa Calvitti (Lab hours: Tuesdays 6-9 PM), Amanda G. Miller (Lab hours: Sundays 6-9 PM)
Economics 110 TBA
Economics 111 D.C. Keys (Group tutoring: Sundays 9-10 PM in Asbury Lounge. Available for one-on-one tutoring by appointment.)
Economics 441 (math aspect) Meghan Hughes
English (American Lit. II) Hannah Halter
English (British Lit. I) Margaret Daubert
English (British Lit. II) Shannon Bolin
English (Creative Writing) Bridget Bellmore
Film 221 Karisa Calvitti
French (all levels)

Samantha Raup & Patricia Reid: By-appointment and drop-in tutoring. Go to AC B210 on Tuesdays from 5-7 PM.

Hannah Morrissette: By-appointment tutoring only

French (221 and below) Kelsey Crowe: By-appointment and drop-in tutoring. Go to AC B210 on Wednesdays from 7-9 PM.
French (112 and below)

Margot Rankins-Burd: By-appointment tutoring only

Johanna Hripto: By-appointment and drop-in tutoring. Go to AC B210 on Wednesdays from 7-9 PM.

German (all levels) Nathan Bahn, Kathryn Bathgate, Lisa Johanna Hinzpeter, Danielle Loiseau, Amber Seibel
Greek Benjamin Toth (fall only), Amanda Copher
Hebrew (not offered) N/A
History 115 John Sibel, Shannon Sheridan
History 116 (not offered) Michael Tusay, Sarah Donovan, Lindsay Decker
History 120 (not offered) N/A
History 125 Rebecca Reed
History 126 (not offered) Thomas Irvine, John Sibel
History 140 Shannon Sheridan
History 159 Benjamin Toth (fall only)
History 230 Contact Shanna Wheeler if you need a tutor for this class.
History 233 (not offered) Sarah Donovan
History 238 (not offered) John Sibel
History 242 (not offered) N/A
History 338 Contact Shanna Wheeler if you need a tutor for this class.
Latin Emily DiBiase, Patricia Reid (Fall only)
Math 100 Lauren Shearer, Margaret Herzog, Hoang Nguyen
Math 106 Dan Zebrine
Math 109 Coral Chiaretti
Math 112 (not offered) N/A
Math 115 Jordyn Hotchkiss
Math 123 Zachary Britton, Emily DiBiase, Kalynn Newman, Megan Demarest, Joshua Gildea, Hoang NguyenSarah Pedrick, Caroline Lapano, Amber SeibelSon Phan
Math 127 Nicole Marianelli, Coral Chiaretti, Trang VuChau Dang, Hoang NguyenJuanita (Cinnamin) Thompson-Quattlebaum, Jessica Mosiniak, Rory McAtee
Math 128 Coral Chiaretti, Zachary High, Hoang NguyenHieu Duong, Huyen Dinh
Math 129 Brandon Niskala, Hoang Nguyen
Math 130 (not offered) N/A
Math 214 (not offered) N/A
Math 216 (not offered) N/A
Math 234 (not offered) N/A
Math 238 Contact Shanna Wheeler if you need a tutor for this class.
Music 116 (not offered) N/A
Music 120 Arthur (Milen) Erickson, Eric Malley
Music 128 Contact Shanna Wheeler if you need a tutor for this class.
Philosophy 120 Nicole English
Philosophy 125 Kyle Armstrong
Physics 225 Brandon Niskala, Jeremy Chobot
Physics 226 (not offered) N/A
Political Science 110 Dave Gordon, Rebecca Sellers
Political Science 130 & 231 Kevin Spotts, Rebecca Sellers, Dave Gordon
Political Science 140 Cody Butler, Shafiqullah (Shafi) Mujadadi, Nguyen Huynh
Political Science 160 (not offered) Cody Butler, Shafiqullah (Shafi) Mujadadi, Nguyen Huynh
Psychology Jeremy Richardson (110), Emily Weaver (110), Adam Rabidoux (110, 116, 239, 331), Rachel Schwiter (110, 242, 331, 433), Elora Romanowski (116, 211), Nicole Calella (110), Nathaniel Sweet (116), Meaghan Jones (110, 115, 116, 220, 242, 336), Timothy "TJ" Guminski (PSY Dept. tutor: 331, 336, 424, APA style), Hoang Nguyen (110), Cara Disandro (110, 331, APA style), Krysta Corliss (110), Shante Dennis (110, 116, 242, 331), Taylor Rabickow (110, 116)
Religion Jacqueline Croteau (226), Michael Tusay (113), Rachel Bowman (113 - Fall only), Patricia Reid (159, 226 - Fall only), Emily Barger (120), Carrie Tubbs (110, Hughes), Caroline McMaster (110, McNassor), Patrick McGinley (113, 226), Hannah Halter (114), Taylor Kendra (226)
Sociology 110 Clarissa Smalling
Sociology 240 Sarah Jenny
Sociology 330 (not offered) Brittany Summers
Spanish (all levels) Lauren Gummo, James Krizan, Shannon SheridanMargaret Daubert, Miranda Gavrila (abroad/unavailable)
Spanish (221 and below) Andrew Hindes, Felicia Sloyer (Fall only), Kayleigh Woods, Peter Rittenhouse, Chau Dang
Theatre 100 Nicole Callela (Towns), Marina Seely (Byrne), Shannon Bolin (Towns), Hershey Millner (Towns)
Theatre 114 Karisa Calvitti

How to Make the Most of Your Appointment:

Come prepared, ready to actively engage.

  • Do some studying beforehand so you know what material you do and don't know.
  • Have a plan in mind for the session.
  • Prepare specific questions and concerns.
  • Bring any necessary course materials.

Know what to expect.

  • The tutors have been trained to help you succeed in a given subject area.
  • The tutor is a supplemental resource for you, someone who will guide you in the right direction and challenge you to succeed on your own two feet.
  • Don't expect the tutor to re-lecture course material.
  • Don't expect the tutor to do your work for you.

The time you spend with a tutor is only as useful as you make it. Your effort and engagement make tutoring sessions all the more beneficial to you. The tutor is willing. Are you?

Note: Every time you meet with a tutor, a brief report is sent to your professor to show that you are making an extra effort to succeed.