Study Abroad

Great Wall of China

Reasons to Study Abroad

Study abroad opportunities at Lycoming range from unique-to-Lycoming May Term trips to summer sessions to a full semester or even an academic year overseas.

Lycoming International Partners

Why should you explore an opportunity to study abroad?

  • Gain a competitive edge in the employment marketplace
  • Discover new strengths and learn new skillsets
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Become more independent
  • Build cultural confidence
  • Develop and promote global awareness
  • Become more self-assured
  • Change lives, especially your own!
  • Make new friends and forge new networking relationships
  • See the world, and your own country, from an exciting, new perspective!

General Information

Lycoming College encourages students to participate in a study abroad program, with opportunities ranging from May Terms (a unique offering at Lycoming) and summer sessions to a full semester or academic year overseas. Students who intend to study abroad must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.50 or higher. All overseas programs require prior approval from the students’ major departments, the acting coordinator of global education courses, the dean of students and the registrar.

Funding Your Study Abroad