Michael Smith

Michael Smith


B.A., Connecticut College
Ph.D., University of Virginia

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Mathematics: Assistant professor of mathematical science

Mike Smith earned his B.A. in mathematics from Connecticut College in 2003 and his Ph.D. in algebra from the University of Virginia in 2006.  His current scholarship is in the area of mathematics education, and he has had two articles accepted for publication in PRIMUS, a refereed journal for innovative approaches towards teaching college level mathematics.  Mike is known for holding "Fun Fridays" in all of his classes. He teaches combinatorics, matrix algebra and abstract algebra.

Mike is passionate about active learning and classroom equity for kinesthetic learners, and he has been known to try everything from contra dancing to canoeing and card games in order to make math real for students.  When he's not working, Mike's hobbies include hiking, chess, listening to music and playing cards.