Elizabeth Moorhouse

Elizabeth Moorhouse


B.S., University of Nebraska
M.A., University of Nebraska
Ph.D., University of Nebraska

Contact Information:

(570) 321-4154

Economics: Associate professor

Institute for Management Studies: Associate professor of economics

Actuarial Mathematics: Associate professor of economics

Dr. Elizabeth Moorhouse is an Associate Professor of Economics at Lycoming College. She is one of the first Ph.D. students in the U.S. to earn a field in feminist economics. Her other research interests include women in higher education, U.S. economic history, and political economy. Her current research examines the influence of the federal government's financial support of research in the sciences and its impact on men and women seeking employment in these fields. She has presented her research at numerous conferences including the Western Social Science meetings and the International Association of Feminist Economics meetings. Dr. Moorhouse teaches courses on the history of women and work in the U.S., U.S. economic history, as well as theory courses in the discipline. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting friends and family, traveling, and hiking.