V. Chapman-Smith

V. Chapman-Smith

German, 1972

Regional strategic liaison in the Office of the Chief Operations Officer at the National Archives in Philadelphia

I was one of 17 black students who desegregated Woodrow Wilson High School in Washington, D.C. I chose Lycoming because it offered a small campus and classroom environment and an opportunity to connect to the journey that my grandfather made to Williamsport after he left the military as a Buffalo Soldier in Nebraska in the late 1880s.

I came to Lycoming with an open mind and ready to take advantage of the most this liberal arts school could provide. I was willing to pursue my passions and own my life! Upon graduation, I left here not with just an education, but as a stronger more capable person who could participate and contribute broadly. I earned a degree with honors in German and enough credits for a history major, so I went on to study in the history doctoral program at Temple University.

I received the College's 2009 Outstanding Achievement Award and came back to campus in 2012 as the Black History Month Dinner speaker.