Inclement Weather Policy

Lycoming College is an educational institution with a predominantly residential student population. It is expected that normal operations will take place on a regular basis regardless of weather conditions. It is assumed that academic and other buildings on campus will continue to be opened and serviced. Offices will remain on a "business as usual" basis throughout a regularly scheduled workday.

Individuals should exercise caution and good judgment in dealing with potentially hazardous travel conditions. Employees are expected to report to work unless doing so places them or their families in an unreasonably dangerous situation. Each employee will decide whether or not to be absent from work, come in late to work or leave early with normal notifications to the appropriate supervisory personnel.

Employees who elect one of the above options may choose to use personal leave or vacation for the time missed during the normal work day. They may also make up the time during the same pay period only with the presence of appropriate supervision.

If under the most extreme circumstances an official CLOSING or DELAY is announced, all individuals scheduled to work that day will be paid for that closing or delay period.

Cancellation of classes and/or closing of the College: In case of inclement weather, please use the following sources as guidelines when determining if classes are in session and/or if personnel should report to work:

Announcements may be heard/seen on the following:

Television stations:

  • WNEP-TV (Channel 16)
  • WYOU-TV (Channel 22)
  • WBRE-TV (Channel 28)

Radio stations:

  • WILQ 105.1 FM
  • WRAK 1400 AM
  • WVSL 92.3 FM
  • WJSA 1600 AM
  • WZXR 99.3 FM
  • WKOK 1070 AM
  • WFYY 106.5 FM
  • WKSB 102.7 FM
  • WVRT 97.7 FM
  • WBYL 95.5 FM
  • WBZD 93.3 FM
  • WLMY 107.9 FM
  • WGRC 90.9 FM
  • WWBE 98.3 FM

Outside Communication:

TV & Radio Announcement:

  1. Closed - Emergency Personnel Only
    What it means: No classes, offices closed. No events, no practices. Note: Emergency Personnel Only are all Buildings and Grounds, Parkhurst, and Security Personnel.
  2. Delayed opening/time
    What it means: Offices open at designated time. Classes are back in session following the compressed class schedule:
  3. Classes canceled/time offices closed
    What it means: Classes beginning at designated time and after are canceled. Continuation of classes in session at time of closing are subject to the discretion of the professor.

If it is determined that there will be a closing, the President will notify the Director of College Relations, Security Office, Academic Dean and the Dean of Student Affairs. Every effort will be made to provide this information to the media at least 1 1/2 hours before implementation. In the case of morning opening delays, the Director of Physical Plant will contact the Director of College Relations, Security Office, Academic Dean and the Dean of Student Affairs.

Internal Communication:

Contact Security Office for status of closings.

Cancellation of Athletic Events:

The Director of Athletics will contact the Sports Information Director, who will inform the Security Office and all outside media. When practices are canceled, the coach is in charge of the affected sport and will notify the students.

Cancellation of Cultural & Social Events:

The person in charge of an affected cultural event will notify the Director of College Relations, who will inform the Security Office and all outside media.