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The Lycoming College Art Gallery is located at 25 W. Fourth Street in downtown Williamsport. Our normal downtown gallery hours during the run of an exhibition are: Wednesday-Friday, 4-8PM and Saturday 11AM-2PM and 5-9PM. On First Friday, we will be open until 9 PM.

Photos from the Grand Opening of the new downtown Art Gallery

The new Lycoming College Art Gallery opened Oct. 24, 2014, featuring The Barbara and Leonard Sylk Collection of Pennsylvania artists. The impressive exhibition included work by Bo Bartlett, Thomas Chimes, Douglas Martens, Elizabeth Osbourne, Sidney Goodman, Neysa Grassi, and Jimmy Lueders. Taken together, the pieces exhibited show a range of responses to the natural world,
both figurative and abstract.


Current and Upcoming Exhibitions:

Feb. 26-March 27, 2015
Reception & Gallery Talk: Thursday, Feb. 26, 4:30-8 PM
Lycoming College Art Gallery, 25 W. Fourth Street

Aya Takashima’s recent work, In Passing, explores how one perceives one’s surroundings and re-contextualizes them into a hyper-real landscape/cityscape with motion. The sense of motion blurs the line between an immediate understanding and a gradual awareness of what is happening within the scene.  The notion of how one crosses the threshold of perceptual understanding fascinates her. It is within a visual tension between selective focus and motion blur that facilitates the awareness of how well one thinks and sees the world.

Aya Takashima was born in Osaka, Japan. She completed her undergraduate study at the Osaka University of Arts in Osaka, Japan. She received her M.F.A. from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2001. Her work has been exhibited worldwide: Boston; New York; Washington, DC; Northern Virginia; Osaka, Japan; Hitachi, Japan; and Seoul, Korea. She currently lives and teaches photography in Northern Virginia.
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Jan. 23-Mar. 27, 2015
Lycoming Art Gallery Video Window
25 W. Fourth Street

Bayar's four-minute high definition video promotes conversation on notions of exoticism, Orientalism, otherness, hybridism and the western perceptions of a homogenous Islamic cultural identity. The video, employs elements of Ebru, the Turkish marbling technique developed in 15th century Persia to create a dialog between the traditional and the experimental by combining elements of the past with a contemporary examination.


April 10-May 9, 2015
Reception & Gallery Talk:
Friday, April 10, 6-8 PM

Lycoming College Art Gallery
25 W. Fourth Street
Juror: Maddy Rosenberg

Matthew Amendolara 
Laura Brennan
Erin Cieniewicz
Laura Cinicola
Benjamin Leinaweaver
Sarah Logue
Kyle Petchock
Charles Marshall
Kelsey Rawson
Tierney Riggs
Emily Schumann
Heather Seppelt
Nicole Silvia
Sarah Sipe
Katherine Valencia
Lucas Wisniewski


The gallery features four or five regional or national exhibitions plus the Faculty Show and Senior Show annually and provides art students with the opportunity to interact with visiting artists. Recent visiting artists programs featured internationally acclaimed photographers Patrick Nagatani, Stephen Marc and Annu Palakunnathu Matthew; film and multi-media artists Victor Masayesva, Lourdes Portillo and Zeinabu Davis; and sculptors Amanda Lee and Bruce Sodervick. Students worked with Nagatani and Marc to create Public Art Projects. Students created original bronze sculptures in our foundry with Lee and Sodervick.

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Contact Rose DiRocco-Hodges, Gallery Director, dirocco@lycoming.edu, 272-202-3104