Admissions Staff

The direct phone numbers are listed for each counselor. You can also reach them at our toll-free number: 1 (800) 345-3920.

Admissions Counselor

Edward (Ned) Barnes · Region: Philadelphia Metro Region and Delaware · 570-321-4325

Admissions Counselor


Zack Brower · Region: East Central Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey and New England · 570-321-4125

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

Christine Coale

Christine Coale · Region: Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. · 570-321-4026

Admissions Counselor


Stephanie Collado · Region: Northeastern and Reading Area Pennsylvania, New York · 570-321-4129

Associate Director of Admissions & Coordinator of Partnerships

Jessica Hess

Jessica Hess · Region: All other states (and all partnership applicants) · 570-321-4318 · Se Habla Español

Director of Admissions

Jason Moran

Jason Moran · Region: Williamsport and North Central Pennsylvania · 570-321-4122

Senior Admissions Counselor

Justin Ossont · Region: South Central and Western Pennsylvania · 570-321-4127

Assistant Director of Admissions


M. Deloris Richardson · Region: Northern New Jersey (and all transfer student applicants) · 570-321-4197

Associate Director of International Admissions

Xiaoqiao Zhang · Region: All countries outside the United States · 570-321-4319