Admissions Staff

The direct phone numbers are listed for each counselor. You can also reach them at our toll-free number: 1 (800) 345-3920.

Joseph Balduino

Joe Balduino

Manager of Admissions Information Systems · Manages all admissions communication, implementation and maintenance · 570-321-4227

Edward (Ned) Barnes

Ned BarnesAdmissions Counselor · Region: Greater Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Areas · 570-321-4325

Zack Brower

Zack Brower

Assistant Director of Admissions · Region: New York, New England and Transfer Students · 570-321-4125

Benjamin Carr

Benjamin CarrAdmissions Counselor · Region: North Eastern Pennsylvania: 169, 175, 176, 179, 182-188 Zip Code Regions · 570-321-4197

Lisa Golfieri

Lisa GolfieriAdmissions Counselor · Region: Western and South Central Pennsylvania: 157-168, 170-174, 178 Zip Code Regions · 570-321-4122

Catherine Haverkampf

Catherine HaverkampfAdmissions Counselor · Region: Region: Pennsylvania: 177 Zip Code Region, Idaho, Indiana, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Texas, California, Washington, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia, Alaska and Hawaii · 570-321-4129

Jessica A. Quintana Hess

Jessica Hess

Director of Admissions · Region: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Illinois, Florida and the US Caribbean, DREAMers and DACAmented Students · 570-321-4318 · Se Habla Español

Justin Ossont

Justin Ossont

Admissions Counselor · Region: New Jersey and Lehigh Valley · 570-321-4127

Shaleeah Smith

Shaleeah SmithAdmissions Counselor · Region: Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and Washington, DC · 570-321-4435

Xiaoqiao Zhang

Xiaoqiao Zhang

Associate Director of International Admissions · Region: All countries outside the United States · 570-321-4319